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The Office of the President

Updates 04/17/2009

Faculty and Professional Staff Meeting President's Report 4/17/09

Since I’ve already sent you a lengthy message this week outlining our proposed budget plan, I’ll make my report for this month very brief. I’d like to focus on some upbeat news about members of our community who are being singled out for much-deserved praise.

You’ll recall that recently I announced Keqin Li’s promotion to Distinguished Professor, SUNY’s highest scholarly honor. Today, I am pleased to announce that our campus has six Chancellor’s Award winners this year. Last October, I expressed the hope that we’d nominate more of our talented colleagues for these prestigious awards. You responded wonderfully, and now we have a full cohort of individuals who we will recognize at the May Commencement with a medal and appropriate accolades.

Please join me in congratulating the newest New Paltz holders of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • Kris Backhaus (Business), who is well known for helping her students achieve at higher levels.
  • Dan Freedman (Chemistry), who has helped drive the creation of our undergraduate research program.
  • Glenn Geher (Psychology), who is known for his exceptional generosity in guiding students’ intellectual growth.

We can also salute the latest recipients of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Service:

  • Rose Rudnitski (School of Education), who has invested phenomenal effort representing faculty views and taking leadership roles on behalf of her colleagues.
  • Chris DeLape (School of Fine and Performing Arts), whose intelligence, work ethic and organizational skill have made her an invaluable member of that school’s leadership.
  • Jenelle Kelsey (University Police), whose energy and enthusiasm are always directed to serving students—and who exhibited great heroism in saving a student’s life.

All of these colleagues do New Paltz proud.

In one other bit of news, the time has come for us to begin planning for our 2011 Middle States reaccredidation. As long-time campus veterans will recall (it’s been 10 years since our last journey down this particular road), we begin by conducting a self-study of the College. Provost Lavallee and I are grateful to Professor and Associate Provost Laurel Garrick Duhaney (Special Education) and Professor Linda Greenow (Geography), who have agreed to chair the self-study Steering Committee. The College’s liaison from Middle States, Dr. Robert Schneider, will be on campus April 27 to meet with the Steering Committee and to help us think about how to sharpen our goals for the self-study and our assessment of those goals.  Let me extend my appreciation in advance for the energy and time many of you will put into this process as it unfolds.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

- Steve Poskanzer