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The Office of the President

State of the College: Katrina

Intro to the State of the College Address/Hurricane Katrina

Before I get to the substance of my remarks today, I want to make a few comments about Hurricane Katrina and the relief efforts for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from this disaster.

I'm proud that even from this far away, our college community is stepping up to help.

We're welcoming students from colleges hit by the hurricane. As of today, three students have joined the New Paltz community this fall-one each from Tulane, Dillard and the University of New Orleans. Another student from Loyola will join us in January as a permanent transfer student.

SUNY is requiring us to charge in-state tuition, but we have waived all other fees and provided room and board at no charge. Members of our campus community have raised funds to help these students buy books and other supplies. I appreciate how our Admissions office has helped facilitate this.

Just this afternoon, the State Emergency Management Office has requested our assistance this weekend in setting up a camp for hundreds of evacuees who are scheduled to arrive in Peekskill on Sunday.

Employees from Residence Life, Facilities Management, University Police, the Psychological Counseling Center and the Foreign Languages Department have all signed on.

I understand that some employees are collecting items for delivery to the hurricane-stricken areas, and students collected donations during their Student Activities Fair this week. Again, I commend all of you for your efforts at this critical time.

In the interest of time today-we have 57 people to introduce-I'd like to suggest that we save questions following my remarks on the state of the college to the next meeting, or you can also grab me at the reception.

- President Steven G. Poskanzer