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Pre-Health Advising Guide

Timetable & Checklist for Pre-Health Profession
Freshman Year
_____ Contact the Pre-Health Advisor during Freshman Orientation (or as soon as the Fall semester begins)
_____ Check out the " Pre-Health Students' WebPage"
_____ Establish good study habits and solidify your GPA
_____ Generate a Four Year Academic Program
_____ Start volunteer work
_____ Investigate undergraduate activities and get involved
_____ Begin to solicit faculty evaluations

Sophomore Year
_____ Serve on a committee/organization and seek leadership positions
_____ Volunteer in medically-related setting with patient contact
_____ Investigate medical careers, MD, DO, OD, DVM, DPM, DMD, DDS ...
_____ Build academic credentials
_____ Join the Biology Club, MAPS and other Science-Oriented Organizations

Junior Year
_____ Complete the required courses for the admission test
_____ Register and take the appropriate admission test
_____ Start applications for professional schools (late spring, summer)

Senior Year
_____ Meet with Pre-Health Advisor to discuss the admissions process
_____ Complete applications for professional schools
_____ Ask for Composite Letter of Recommendation for each school requesting one
_____ Keep the Pre-Health Advisor informed of your acceptance/rejection Status