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photo of a University Police officer, street signs and one of their cars

University Police


The University Police Department provides the following services to the campus community:

* Loaning of battery booster cables and battery packs. University Police cannot connect the cables for you and their vehicles may not be used for jump starting.
* Opening of locked vehicles on campus. You must sign a waiver with our department.
* Operation I.D. - Electric engravers are available on loan to mark your valuables.
* Escort Service - Call x 3338 from any campus telephone and an escort will accompany you to your car or destination on campus between the hours of 9 PM and 2 AM. (Available only during the regular academic year.)

Lost and Found
Report all lost and stolen property to University Police at x 2222. Turn in all found property to the University Police Office in the Service Building.

Inclement Weather
The State University of New York at New Paltz remains open and observes its schedule in all weather, unless the determination is made by authorized personnel that current weather conditions warrant closing or delay. Faculty, students and staff are expected to use personal judgement concerning travel safety when the weather is inclement. In the event of hazardous weather, University Police will contact the National Weather Service. Advisories will be made by the College Administration. Every possible effort will be made to communicate procedures to be followed by the college community.

* Do Not call 911 for weather information.
* You can call 257 - INFO/4636 for current information.
* See for more info, including the list of radio stations that will be called

Emergency Telephones
There are 130 emergency telephones at various locations around the campus. Such telephones are placed at each exterior entrance to the residence halls, on or in academic buildings, most elevators, and classrooms or laboratories where students may be working at night. Blue mercury vapor light systems have been installed above some of the external telephones to clearly identify their location. (Click on the map below for the locations of all blue light telephones.)

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If the telephone is yellow, there is a red speed-dial button which automatically dials University Police when pressed. To use the on and off buttons, press the "on" button to get a dial tone. When you are finished talking, press "off." The telephone has a preset timer and will disconnect any call after three minutes.

Other emergency telephones are standard wall telephones. Dial x 2222 to reach University Police. Red emergency phones or phones located in elevators, ring directly to University Police upon lifting the receiver.