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photo of a University Police officer, street signs and one of their cars

University Police

General Laboratory Chemical Spills

Familiarize yourself with the Laboratory Industrial Hygiene Plan for laboratory safety.

In the event of a chemical spill or hazardous material release in the laboratory which poses a serious danger to personnel:

* Evacuate all personnel in the area immediately to an upwind location.
* If the spilled material is very flammable, eliminate all flames and turn off hot plates and/or heating jackets. Do not turn off room lights or any switch that produces sparks. Leave fume hoods running.
* Notify University Police at x 2222.
* Give the following information to the University Police desk officer:
o your name
o the chemical and amount involved
o room number and building
o names of any personnel that may have been contaminated or exposed
* If a person has been exposed by inhalation, immediately move the person to an area where fresh air is available and promptly seek medical help.
* Decontamination should be carried out by experts who are equipped to safely clean up and dispose of the chemical involved.

Do not attempt to clean up the spill yourself. Leave this to the trained experts.