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photo of a University Police officer, street signs and one of their cars

University Police


1. Upon discovery of a fire, regardless of its size, location or probable result, the person discovering the fire should activate the building fire alarm from the nearest fire alarm pull box.

2. Call University Police at x 2222. Give your name, telephone number, department and location of fire.

3. In no case shall an employee who is not trained attempt to put out a fire.

4. Evacuate the building immediately. Inform others in the building who may not have responded to the alarm to evacuate. Do Not use the elevators.

5. Close windows and doors. Leave lights on and doors unlocked.

6. Before leaving any room, check for heat by placing your hand against the door.

7. When you evacuate, do not stop for personal belongings or records.

8. If there is excessive smoke, crawl to an exit. If you are unable to exit, stay low and plug all openings around doors, windows and vents.

9. Notify either University Police or fire fighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be inside th e building.

10. Handicapped (non-ambulatory) individuals should be placed into the stairwell as soon as the major body of evacuees has departed. A messenger should be dispatched to tell the responding officer (fire or police) the location of the handicapped individual(s) so that the rescue can be initiated.

11. When outside, stay away from the building (at least 500 feet) and out of the way of emergency personnel and vehicles. Do not re-enter the building until instructed by University Police, College Administration and/or fire department personnel.

12. Consult your Building Coordinator for your Building Specific Evacuation plan, Be Familiar With It! For additional information see Policy 1210, Evacuation Drills, in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.