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Lots by Designation


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Resident Parking Lots:

Bouton Hall Parking
Crispell Hall Parking
Esopus Hall Parking
Pond Road Parking
Route 32 Resident Only
South Parking
Lenape Hall Resident Parking

Faculty/Staff Only Lots:

Administration Parking (6 a.m. - 5 p.m. only)
Children's Center Parking
International Programs Parking
Elting Staff Parking
Hasbrouck Parking
Hopfer Annex Parking
Old Main Parking
Old Main Circle Parking (Handicap only)
Parker Theatre Parking (Handicap only)
Service Building Parking
Staff Parking
Terrace Parking
University Police Parking

Commuter and Faculty/Staff Lots
* = overnight parking for F/S and commuters

Administration Parking (commuter parking 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. only)
Coykendall Parking
Elting Lower Parking
Elting Main Parking
Elting Middle Parking
Elting Visitor Parking
Lecture Center Parking
Lenape Hall Parking
Library Parking
Mohonk Parking
Resnick Parking
Route 32 Parking *
Shango Parking
South Classroom Parking
South Parking
Wallkill Parking
Wallkill Parking *
West Parking
Wooster Parking

Commuter Parking Only

West Parking

Visitor Parking

All lots except for resident parking lots