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Resources for Parents


The State University of New York at New Paltz, and the Division of Student Affairs in particular, recognizes that the parent's role in a student's education is a very important one. As stated in its mission statement, the Center for Student Development is "dedicated to fostering student success and a sense of belonging for all students and families connected to New Paltz." In addition to it being extremely important to work cooperatively with parents to help students make the adjustment to college life, we recognize that ongoing parent involvement is an essential component in student achievement, success and persistence to graduation. As a result, informed and involved parents maximize their student's connection to the university.

As active partners and supporters of the university, parents remain active in their student's education, offering valuable input and representing the needs and interests of all parents. Through your interest, moral support and your willingness to help them begin to make informed decisions, your student will progress towards independence and success.

The Center for Student Development:

  • Recognizes parents as important assets to student success
  • Serves as the primary link to the campus for parents and family members of New Paltz students
  • Provides comprehensive Orientation programs for Parents, Guardians, and siblings
  • Coordinates Parent and Family Weekend the last weekend in September
  • Builds and strengthens the partnership which exists between parents and the university
  • Communicates effective strategies to enable parents to remain active in their student's education
  • Welcome parents' efforts to network with the Career Resource Center to expand career and internship opportunities for New Paltz students
  • Keeps parents informed about important campus issues and community updates
  • Serves as a clearinghouse and referral source for information and desired services