Undergraduate Programs

The dynamic relationship between painting and drawing forms the core of the BFA program. Our curriculum encourages a balance of technical proficiency and creative exploration with a wide range of subjects, materials, and formats. Emphasis is placed on conceptualization and process, as well as finished products. Initial focus on technique and tradition evolves into an increasing concern with content, experimental approaches, and contemporary issues. Students progress from a structure of challenging assignments to independent projects.
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Graduate Study

The Master of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing provides a balance of intensive studio experience with critical/cultural dialogue. Our program is competitive, attracting a diverse group of national and international students. There are generally eight to twelve MFAs in residence, with private studio spaces (approx. 200 sq.ft. each). Professors Arnold, Cheng, and Goodell work closely with our graduates, meeting weekly for studio visits and seminars. We provide a supportive environment for our students and expect a high degree of commitment from them as artists, teaching assistants, and colleagues.
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