Art Department - Painting & Drawing



Basic classes build technical skills and expand concepts of color, space, and subject matter. Intermediate and advanced classes pursue more complex methods of image development. Each student is encouraged to discover a personal iconography.


While graduate study is in part self-directed, New Paltz students thrive with exposure to a variety of viewpoints. Each semester, one faculty member teaches graduate Painting/Seminar, and another teaches Drawing or Selected Topics.

In the next term, the faulty team then rotates, so MFAs have a chance to work with every instructor in different ways.


The dynamic relationship between painting and drawing forms the core of the BFA program. Our curriculum encourages a balance of technical proficiency and creative exploration with a wide range of subjects, materials, and formats.


The Master of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing provides a balance of intensive studio experience with critical/cultural dialogue. Our program is competitive, attracting a diverse group of national and international students.