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Office of Communication & Marketing - Media Relations, Web Management, Welcome Ceter

> Office of Communication & Marketing: Web Guidelines


Tools for Communication

ALL work order forms and tools for communication are now located on

For all mail-related inquiries, please call (845) 257-3122

Office of Communication & Marketing

Phone: (845) 257-3245
Fax: (845) 257-3345
Haggerty Administration Building 411
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443

Staff Directory

(Marketing, Media Relations, Digital Media)

Design, Print & Mail Services

Haggerty, 511
(845) 257-3971
(845) 257–3997 Fax

Print and Mail Services

Haggerty, 8
(845) 257-2646
(845) 257–3997 Fax


Other Campus PR Contacts:

Brian Savard
Sports Information Director, Athletics
Phone: (845) 257-3927

Smulcheski, Fran
Art Services Assist
Office: CT118B
Phone: (845) 257-3858

We manage:

To read our comprehensive guidelines, visit the New Paltz Style Guide.

All of us in Communication & Marketing look forward to working with you. Please feel free to stop by our office located in Haggerty Administration Building, Room 411 or call us at (845) 257-3245 if you have any questions.

Where/how can I post announcements electronically?

There are six ways we can get messages out to students electronically.

College's home page -
In addition, general information for students can be posted on the college's home page ( Items in the news area rotate regularly, so announcements can only stay there for a brief period of time. Occasionally there may be additional appropriate places within the college's main Web site to post special announcements and information, and these locations will be determined by the Office of Communication & Marketing.

Contact: Matthew Skillman,    x3245

Blackboard -
Announcements can be posted on Blackboard for students and faculty. Only students and faculty that login to Blackboard for course work or additional resources will see these announcements.

Contact: Linda Smith, Academic Computing     x3188

Department Web Site
Your department's Web site is a great place to post announcements for students with a major in your department, especially if you publicize the existence of your Web site, and that news will be posted there regularly. Submit an update using our work order system, or use OmniUpdate if you have access to manage your department site through our content management system.

Sending E-mails
If you would like to send an e-mail to all students, contact the Office of Communication & Marketing at x3245 or e-mail Note: All students are required to check their e-mail account regularly for official communication from the college.

Please be advised if you request an announcement to be posted in the Campus Announcement or Personal Announcement channel in, your announcement will also be e-mailed through the system to the appropriate people's New Paltz e-mail account. There is no need to contact the Office of Communication & Marketing for this additional step in this case.

If you would like to send targeted e-mails, there are several options:

  • Advisors can send e-mails to all or select advisees in under the Faculty/Staff Services tab in the My.Advisees channel.
  • Professors can send e-mails to all or select students in any of their courses in under the Faculty/Staff Services tab in the Manage My.Courses channel.
  • Student Advising staff members can send e-mails to all students who have not declared a major in under the Faculty/Staff Services tab under the My.Tools channel.
  • To send an e-mail to students of a particular major, the department chair should contact Linda Smith in Academic Computing to enable this option for them within Blackboard ( This feature will also be available in through the Office of Communication & Marketing later this year.
  • If the announcement is critical and timely, and affects the majority of the student body, an e-mail can be sent to all students (at their account) by contacting the Office of Communication & Marketing at x3245 or e-mail

There are several ways to reach all faculty/staff with announcements electronically.

1. A brief headline can be posted on the college's home page ( Headlines should be brief and link to a Web page with further details and information.

Contact: Suzanne Grady,  x3245

2. The administration sends official New Paltz communication and announcements to a list that all SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff are subscribed to. If you have any questions about this list, please contact Jon Lewit, Asst. Vice President of Information Systems in Computer Services at x3130 or

If the message is not timely, you can submit the item for inclusion in an upcoming issue of News Pulse.

3. Announcements can be posted under the Campus Announcements channel, which are also e-mailed to all students, faculty and staff. See the first section under for students above for more information. Announcements specifically for faculty and staff can be posted under the Personal Announcements channel, which are also e-mailed to all faculty and staff.

Two additional listservs exist, depending on the topic of your message.

  • is a voluntary list that can be used for requests, announcements, rentals, and open discussions. This is a voluntary list, and therefore not all faculty/staff are subscribed to it.
    To subscribe, contact Paul Chauvet in Computer Services at

For any other targeted announcements, or if you're not sure where your message would best be placed, consult with the Director of Office of Communication & Marketing for recommendations on best methods and practices for sending electronic communications.

last updated 9/28/11