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Tools for Communication

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For all mail-related inquiries, please call (845) 257-3122

Office of Communication & Marketing

Phone: (845) 257-3245
Fax: (845) 257-3345
Haggerty Administration Building 411
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443

Staff Directory

(Marketing, Media Relations, Digital Media)

Design, Print & Mail Services

Haggerty, 511
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Print and Mail Services

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Other Campus PR Contacts:

Brian Savard
Sports Information Director, Athletics
Phone: (845) 257-3927

Smulcheski, Fran
Art Services Assist
Office: CT118B
Phone: (845) 257-3858

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To read our comprehensive guidelines, visit the New Paltz Style Guide.

All of us in Communication & Marketing look forward to working with you. Please feel free to stop by our office located in Haggerty Administration Building, Room 411 or call us at (845) 257-3245 if you have any questions.

Communication & Marketing in General

News Releases

One of the most effective ways of enhancing the image of a university such as SUNY New Paltz is making the public aware of the accomplishments of its people and departments. Because we have a small department, your assistance in making us aware of research, awards, speaking engagements, etc., will do a great deal in helping us further the university's image and name recognition.

The Communication & Marketing Office staff is glad to assist members of academic and other administrative departments in promoting upcoming university-related events such as lectures, concerts, etc. In order to help you with a planned event, we need to receive the information at least four weeks in advance of the event to ensure time to prepare the release and adequately market it to the media. The more lead time, the better our chances are of obtaining good publicity. We are not, however, responsible for insuring a full house!

Releases that have the most appeal to media, but historically are the most difficult to prepare, are stories regarding individual achievements or awards. These stories must be planned in advance to generate quality media interest. For example, if a department is planning a formal event to award scholarships, a release announcing the event should be prepared and distributed up to a week before the event. Trying to sell a news release after an event is extremely difficult.

The information should be provided in a concise manner and should answer the questions "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How." If there is pertinent background information, such as a vita, highlight the key points that define the person's most distinguishing accomplishments and characteristics to help us "sell" the person and event to the media. When the Communication & Marketing Office prepares news releases and other written documents, it uses the SUNY New Paltz Editorial Style Guide, AP Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as resources to ensure consistency in our written image.

Whenever possible, try to get photographs of a guest speaker or some other visual element of the event. We only need one copy (photograph or electronic image), as we will scan it and distribute it to the media electronically. When you do provide images, include a suggested caption (with full names of people in the picture) and appropriate credits (photographer's name/affiliation) that should accompany the picture.

School of Fine and Performing Arts, School of Business, Athletics

While the Communication & Marketing Office generates and distributes news releases covering most issues and events on campus, several offices work in conjunction with the Communication & Marketing Office to produce news releases specific to their department.

School of Fine and Performing Arts: The director of arts services coordinates news releases, advertising and promotions supporting performances, lectures, exhibitions and other events originating in the School of Fine and Performing Arts.

School of Business: The director of business projects coordinates news releases and promotional activities regarding the School of Business.

Athletics: The sports information director coordinates news releases and all media contact regarding athletics results, and manages the Athletics Department Web site with the university Web Management Office.

Public Service Announcements

Radio and television stations are required by The Federal Communications Commission regulations to run public service announcements, commonly called PSAs. Most require that they receive the information 10 days to two weeks prior to the actual event. Our deadline is at least three weeks before the event to allow for re-write and distribution. The information should include the "five Ws and one H." PSAs run from 10 to 30 seconds, so writing copy for these opportunities is a challenge.

News Availabilities

Often the media requests time, before or after an event, to interview a guest lecturer, artist, etc. When you make arrangements for a visitation, please ask if that person would be willing to be interviewed and if the person has a preference as to when. Most media outlets prefer it before an event in order to make deadline. Ideally, the guest will be flexible. Telephone interviews are not uncommon and serve as a good promotional tool for an upcoming event.

Working with you and your guest, our office will arrange a time and place for the interview. A departmental representative will usually be on hand during the availability to monitor and assist where needed.

SUNY New Paltz Experts

Communication & Marketing routinely links reporters with faculty members who have expertise in a specific area. Providing subject matter experts gives individual faculty members and the university increased positive visibility in the community and peer areas. Communication & Marketing's online expert database, at, provides media and community groups with ready access to experts. The database is built from profiles submitted by faculty members. To create a profile and be part of the database, login to and choose "Join the Experts Database" under "My.Staff Services."

Global Reach through the World Wide Web

The university's Web Management Office is part of Communication & Marketing. SUNY New Paltz's Web presence plays a vital role in extending our voice and image around the world. The Web Management Office creates and maintains the university's main Web pages and is charged with ensuring that all other Web pages meet specific guidelines, such as visual imaging and disability access. Specific guidance on university Web guidelines is contained in the Web Guidelines section of Our Voice, Our Image.


The Communication & Marketing Office is responsible for producing the bi-monthly News Pulse faculty/staff newsletter. News Pulse relies on input from the campus community.

University Closure Information

As you no doubt have noticed, SUNY New Paltz rarely closes! On the chance that classes are delayed or cancelled, the Office of Communication & Marketing is responsible for notifying local radio stations and posting the information on the university's home page ( In the fall, the Office of Communication & Marketing distributes a notice that describes the cancellation policy and lists the media we will contact.