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Name: Jonathan Schwartz
Title: Director Asian Studies
Academic Rank: Professor
Department: Political Science

Expertise Keywords: Asia, China, Pandemics, Political Science, public health policy

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: Ph.D. in political science

Currrent Research: China Environmental Policy, Comparative Pandemic response, Taiwan, China, S. Korea.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 845-257-2627
E-mail Address:
Communication & Marketing: 845-257-3245
Personal Web Site:


University of Toronto 1995-2001 Ph.D. 2001 Political Science
National Taiwan Normal Univ. 1992-1994 Language Proficiency certificate 1994 Mandarin Chinese
University of Toronto 1994-1995 MA 1995 Political Science
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 1988-1992 BA 1993 International Relations and East


Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan Fellow (Summer 2012 and 2013). Pandemic research in Taiwan and China.
National Asia Research Program, National Bureau of Asian Research and the Woodrow
Wilson Center, Research Associate (2010-11). Pandemic research USA and China.
William J. Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Fulbright-Hayes scholar, India (winter
East Asia Institute (Seoul, South Korea) Fellowship in Peace, Governance and
Development in East Asia (2008-9).
William J. Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Fulbright scholar, China (2007-8). Pandemic research.
The Korea Society, Fellowship in Korean Studies (2006).
SUNY New Paltz, Research and Creative Awards (2002-3, 2006-7, 2012).
SUNY New Paltz , Faculty Research Support/Student Assistant Initiative Award (Fall
2006, Spring 2009, Fall 2010).
Centers for Disease Control Grant for research in collaboration with The Institute for
Bio-Security, St. Louis University (2004-5).
SUNY New Paltz Grant, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (2004,
China and Inner Asia Council Grant, the Association of Asian Studies Small Grants
Award, (2003).


“Compensating for the Authoritarian Advantage in Crisis Response: A comparative case study
of SARS pandemic responses in China and Taiwan,” Journal of Chinese Political
Science Vol. 17(3) (19 July 2012, online; fall 2012, print).
With Rachel D. Schwartz, “Confronting Global Pandemics: Lessons from China and the United
States,” Global Health Governance Vol. 3(2) (Spring 2010): 1-21.
First Author, with R. Gregory Evans, “Causes of Effective Policy Implementation: China's
Public Health Response to SARS,” Journal of Contemporary China Vol. 16(51) (May,
2007): 195-213.
First Author, with R. Gregory Evans and Sarah Greenberg. “Evolution of Health Provision in
Pre-SARS China: The Changing Nature of Disease Prevention,” The China Review Vol.
7(1) (Spring 2007): 81-108.
"Environmental NGOs in China: Roles and Limits," Pacific Affairs Vol. 77(1) (Spring
2004): 28-49.
"The Impact of State Capacity on Enforcement of Environmental Policies: The Case of China,"
Journal of Environment and Development Vol. 12(1) (March 2003): 50-81.
"Canada's Role in Chinese Environmental Protection," Journal of Canadian Foreign Policy
Vol. 10(2) (Winter 2003): 129-144.
“Conducting Research in China: Impediments and Some Options,” Issues and Studies, Vol.
37(6) (November/December 2001): 107-127.
“Understanding Enforcement: Environment and State Capacity in China,” Sinosphere Vol. 3(4)
(Fall 2000): 5-18.
"Environmental Protection in China: Issues of Enforcement,” Oxford International Review Vol.
10(1) (Spring 2000): 31-40.

First author with Rachel D. Schwartz, “Effectively Responding to Pandemics: Adapting
Responses to Differing Institutional Circumstances in the United States and China.” In
Robert Hathaway and Michael Wills (eds.) Managing New Security Challenges in Asia
(Woodrow Wilson Center Press, forthcoming spring 2013).

“Pandemic Responses in the Asia-Pacific: Risk and Opportunity in PRC’s International
Relations,” in Guoguang Wu (ed.) China’s Challenges to Human Security: Foreign
Relations and Global Implications (London: Routledge, 2012).
With Shawn Shieh, “State and Society Responses to China’s Social Welfare Needs: An
Introduction to the Debate,” in J. Schwartz and S. Shieh (eds.) State and Society
Responses to Social Welfare Needs in China: Serving the People (Routledge, Hardcover,
June 2009; Paperback, August 2010): 3-21.
First author with Shawn Shieh, “Serving the People? The Changing Roles of the State and Social Organizations in Social Service Provision,” in J. Schwartz and S. Shieh (eds.)
State and Society Responses to Social Welfare Needs in China: Serving the People
(Routledge, June 2009):177-188.
“The Impact of Crises on Social Service Provision in China: The State and Society Respond to
SARS,” in J. Schwartz and S. Shieh (eds.) State and Society Responses to Social Welfare
Needs in China: Serving the People (Routledge, June 2009):135-155.
“Effectively Controlling Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Comparing Taiwanese and Chinese
Responses to SARS,” East Asia Institute Fellows Program Working Paper Series No. 17
(May 2009).
“Between Conflict and Cooperation: China’s Environmental Civil Society and the
Transitioning State,” in Andre Laliberte and Marc Lanteigne (eds.), The Chinese Party-
State in the 21st Century: Adaptation and the Reinvention of Legitimacy (Routledge
Press, 2008): 58-77.