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College launches Banner transition

photo of the Banner meeting

SunGard SCT has assigned Diane Garr (standing) to be the company's Banner project manager for New Paltz. Johanna D'Aleo, vice president for administration and finance at New Paltz, will lead the campus' Project Implementation Team.

The college on Tuesday began its conversion from its homegrown computer system to Banner, a packaged suite of computer programs for higher education, which has been developed and supported by national firms.

About 50 New Paltz employees from several administrative offices began a twoday training session on Tuesday in the Terrace. The participants are members of the Banner Project Implementation Team. Two faculty members were invited, but were unable to attend.

Johanna D'Aleo, vice president for administration and finance at New Paltz, will lead the Project Team with assistance from Jon Lewit, assistant vice president for information technology.

"I'm sure with this great team, we'll have a smooth transition to Banner," D'Aleo said. "I'm excited to be working with this very knowledgeable group of colleagues."

The Banner effort will require some additional staff in addition to staff training. Pennsylvania-based SunGard SCT Higher Education, which designed Banner, has assigned Diane Garr to be the company's project manager for New Paltz. Throughout the conversion, the campus will take a hard look at current procedures and capitalize on the chance to make some of the college's student services more rational and more efficient.

The conversion will take two years and is scheduled for completion at the beginning of the fall semester 2007. The twoday training session was designed to give Project Team members a broad understanding of the project, how it will be managed, and how new systems will be implemented, especially in the areas of student accounts, financial aid, advancement and student records.

Banner is already in use at 11 of New Paltz's 12 sister comprehensive colleges in SUNY. System Administration is urging campuses to migrate to the Banner system and is offering a number of financial incentives to campuses to do so.

Watch News Pulse and the Web site for regular updates on the Banner conversion.

NOVEMBER 10, 2005
Volume 3, Issue 22

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