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In a story on page two of the April 12 issue of News Pulse, Gerald Sorin's last name was incorrectly spelled in the headline. We apologize for the error and congratulate Sorin for receiving The National Jewish Book Award for his book "Irving Howe: A Life of Passionate Dissent."

Presentations & Exhibitions

Three members of Jeff Miller's (Political Science) senior seminar in political theory presented their seminar papers on a panel at the New York State Political Science Association Conference on Saturday, April 24, in Binghamton. Tami Priestley presented "The Politics of the Soul;" Amy Rullis presented "Feminist Challenges to Modernity;" and Pamela Smith presented "Lost in Each Other? Alternatives to Modern Conceptions of the Self and their Consequences." All three presenters are seniors majoring in political science.


Mika Roinila (Geography) along with geographers Stanley Brunn (University of Kentucky), Pauli Tapani Karjalainen (University of Oulu), and Rickard Kuller (Lund University), coauthored a book chapter, titled "The Finnish Kaamos: Escapes From Short Days and Cold Winters" (pp.105-112), in "World Minds: Geographical Perspectives on 100 Problems" edited by Donald Janelle, Barney Warf and Kathy Hansen. The book was published and released in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Association of American Geographers 1904-2004, held in Philadelphia in March.

Shafiul H. Chowdhury (Geology), Mohammad Z. Iqbal (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls) and John P. Szabo (University of Akron, Ohio) have recently published a paper, titled "Comprehensive Approach of Groundwater Resource Evaluation: A Case Study in the Chippewa Creek Watershed in Ohio." The paper appeared in the December issue of The Ohio Journal of Science, an international multidisciplinary journal.

Students in the News

The Graduate School has announced the winners of the 2004- 2005 Graduate Student Research and Creative Projects Awards: William Boyle (English), Erin S. Daily (Metals), Chris Doniere (Ceramics), Nicole Gargiulo (Sculpture), Alicia Grullon (Visual Research Laboratory, VRL), Bum Joo Jeon (Sculpture), Rebecca Macomber (Metals), Corey Mittenberg (English), Dana Morales (Ceramics), Anastasia Owad (VRL), Amy Papaelis (VRL), Mary Pearse (Metals), Laurie Rozzo (Biology), Dawn Russell (Metals), James Stamant (English), Krista Svalbonas (VRL), Kristian Weihs (Psychology) and Brian Weissman (Metals). This grant program supports and encourages research and creative projects that enhance an individual's professional development in the pursuit of a master's degree or certificate of advanced study at New Paltz. All matriculated graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply. The maximum award per recipient is $400 per academic year.

Twelve New Paltz students, who are members of the New Paltz chapter of the Campus Catholic Ministry, spent their recent spring break volunteering in the community of Banica in eastern Dominican Republic. The students spent the week living with local families and worked repainting two chapels, building wooden pews for the chapels and beginning construction on a new church for the Banica District. The following New Paltz students participated: Cathy Jacob, Dawn Remiszewski, Hank Grimsland, Jessica Tullo, Maitza Abreu, Matt Entwistle, Megan Bodenschatz, Mike Circe, Monica Stillwell, Sarah Napolitan, Tiffant Bennet, and Uzoma Ugonabo. Alison Mills and Kevin Grimsland from UCCC, and Shana Bender from Mount St. Mary College, also participated.

Maria Elisa Olivieri Rodriguez, a student from Argentina and this semester's participant in the SUNY New Paltz Institute for International Business, was awarded an internship position at the fashion house of Benetton. One of her key roles was to assist in the organization of the Fall-Winter 2004 Luncheon Fashion Show held at the Rainbow Room in New York City on April 1.

Alumni in the News

Tracy Steepy (MFA, Art/Metal, '00) has been awarded the position of assistant professor of jewelry and metals at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.

Edward J. Renehan Jr. (Political Science '80) has a poem in the new issue of "The Plum Ruby Review." Normally a writer of nonfiction prose, Renehan's books include "The Kennedys at War" (Doubleday, 2002), "The Lion's Pride" (Oxford University Press, 1998), "The Secret Six" (Crown, 1995) and "John Burroughs: An American Naturalist" (Black Dome Press, 1992).

APRIL 26, 2004
Volume 2, Issue 8

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