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'Jolts and Volts' to electrify campus

The School of Science and Engineering will host more than 500 children and teen-agers from the four-county region in an all-day event on Wednesday, Feb. 25, to celebrate National Engineering Week. The theme of the event, "Inventors Like You," is designed to introduce students from the region's school districts to the world of engineering.

Throughout the morning, students grades 7 through 12 will participate in hands-on mechanical and electrical projects led by New Paltz professors and students and visit displays of cool products designed by engineers from more than 25 national and international businesses. One of the most impressive displays planned is one from West Point, which will feature some of the actual Battlebots appearing on the popular Comedy Central television program.

In addition, children will participate in instructional panels in which real-life engineers will teach the children about their engineering concentrations. One of the panels will feature a lesson on voice modulation at which at the end every child will leave with a real and functional voice modulator device.

Then, at noon, special guests and keynote speakers John Cohn, Ph.D., "IBM’s own Einstein," and Maria Ebling,, Ph.D., a research staff member at IBM, will perform science and technology demonstrations for the students in the "Jolts and Volts" electricity show at the Studley Theatre. Cohn has previously performed this same show at Walt Disney World.

The duo will select inventors from the past, discuss what was invented and then relate it to the present with a number of visual demonstrations. For example, Cohn will discuss Thomas Edison as the inventor of the light bulb. The demonstration involves sending 110 volts through a pickle, which will light up and smoke.

Cohn is an IBM veteran whose technical contributions span almost every type of silicon product built by IBM during his 21- year tenure. Ebling, a research staff member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, is responsible for managing a team that builds middleware to support contextaware computing.

Lead sponsors for the event include IBM Corporation, Philips Semiconductors, Plasmaco and Industry Street Systems.

FEBRUARY 16, 2004
Volume 2, Issue 3

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