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ISSUE DATE: February 18, 2002


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The force be with you
The GEIII Task Force reports that two new documents have been added to the GEIII Web site, "Revised GEIII" and "Frequently Asked Questions." The former is the proposed general education program the GEIII Task Force presented at the last faculty meeting. The latter provides more background on the process that led to the model. Between now and the next faculty meeting on March 8, the task force will be initiating conversations with faculty members about how they might contribute to the new program. A large portion of the faculty meeting on March 8 will be spent discussing the various elements of the new program and a vote will likely be scheduled for the April 12 meeting. Faculty members are asked to please read and reflect on the model during the next month.

New site for center
The Center for Continuing and Professional Education has a new extension site location in Middletown at 50-58 Fulton Street - The South Winds Building. The phone number is 956-4249. The Center still maintains an office at the Orange County Community College campus in the Learning Resource Center, Room 209. The number for that location is 341-4249. Both offices are open Monday through Thursday. Please contact Helise Winters, associate dean and director of the Center Continuing and Professional Education, with any questions regarding the new location or courses offered at the new site.

Winter at SUNY New Paltz, looking south from the deck of the Student Union Building.  Photo by Nicole Hodkinson, public affairs intern.
Winter at SUNY New Paltz, looking south from the deck of the Student Union Building.
Photo by Nicole Hodkinson, public affairs intern.



. . . Every Monday in Lecture Center 104 from 11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m., the campus community can view broadcasts of "On Campus at SUNY New Paltz." Monday, Feb. 25 broadcast will feature Neil Trager (Dorsky Museum). On March 4, a broadcast featuring Rose Rudnitski (Elementary Education) will be shown. Come, bring your lunch, and support your colleagues. You too can be on the show! Give Emily Trapp (Center for Instructional Resources) a call at x3634 to discuss a topic.

. . . The Central Committee on Educational Technology is currently discussing the Strategic Plan for Instructional Technology and Information Systems, drafted by Computer Services. Since technology has become such as important part of virtually every aspect of our campus life, including teaching, research and advising, it is important that faculty and staff read this document and provide CCET with feedback. Like all strategic plans, this document is meant to set goals for the future of the institution and suggest, very broadly, ways to get there. It should also directly support the mission of SUNY New Paltz. A copy of the strategic plan can be found at Please direct feedback to the CCET listserve by sending an e-mail to, or speak with one of the members of the committee. A list of members can be found on the Web site.

. . . Do you have any unused keys in your desk drawers? Please take a moment to rummage around a little. If you have keys that you no longer need, please return them to Facilities Operations. If possible, include the department and individual to whom they were issued. Questions? Call Johanna D'Aleo (Administration) at x3295.

. . . Get the training that you need at the Software Institute, right here on campus! All Software Institute spring 2002 courses run on Saturdays, so they won't interfere with your busy schedule. Some of the institute's most popular courses are credit-bearing. For more information, see



Steven Jury (Biology) recently published a paper titled "Lobster Trap Video: in siti (in the field) video surveillance of the behavior of Hormarus americanus in and around traps." The paper was published in the Marine and Freshwater Research journal. Additionally, a version is available online at, with sample QuickTime videos of a lobster trap in the field. This project, done in collaboration with Win Watson of the University of New Hampshire, has also been headlined as a science update in the journal Nature's Web Page. To view it, see "Crustacean brawls caught on tape" in the archive section at

John Alphons Karkala, professor emeritus of English and world literature, recently published an article titled "Is there a Continuity of Indian Literary Tradition?" in The Journal of South Asian Review. The journal is the official publication of the Modern Language Association of America Discussion Group on South Asian Languages and Literature. The paper was originally presented as an address to the plenary session of the discussion group in Washington D.C. in December 2000. In his article, Karkala maintains that there is a need to survey Indian literary tradition from a comprehensive, comparative, critical point of view, instead of the current practice of viewing the literary history with a religious spectacle. Karkala argues that the literary history of India should be reassessed in terms of ages, such as the Age of Enlightened Gurus, the Age of Heroic Epics Compilers and the Age of Mahatma; or in terms of genres, such as Hymns, Epics, Drama and Biography. He contends that these approaches would reveal that, in spite of diverse historical events and influences, the underlying unity of literary tradition and its continuity are rooted in the essential cultural ideas and profound vision of life.



Robin Cohen (Student Development) led a panel of presenters, including New Paltz Chief of Police Ray Zappone, Mayor Tom Nyquist and then-Town Supervisor Carol Roper, at a regional conference held at Marist College on Nov. 30. Their workshop, "Town/Gown Success: Collaborating to Impact Environmental Change," was part of a conference titled "Engaging Students on Their Own Terms: Creative Approaches to Substance Abuse Prevention." The Dutchess County College Consortium and the Dutchess County Council sponsored the conference. Michelle Cangelosi (Student Development) moderated a roundtable discussion on "Smoke-Free Dorms" at the same conference, with Vassar and Marist College administrators presenting their experiences.


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