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ISSUE DATE: August 14, 2000

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What's New?


Bob Burns

Tower society
On Saturday afternoon, July 8, more than 40 friends of SUNY New Paltz gathered in the lobby of the Haggerty Administration Building to celebrate the installation of a Tower Society recognition wall, handmade from wood and slate, to serve as a permanent introduction to campus visitors. "Members of the Tower Society are alumni and friends whose generous bequests and other legacies will insure the continued excellence of the university into the distant future," said Bob Burns, director of gift planning (pictured with tower plaque). "They are thoughtful women and men, generous individuals who have among them a common thought that they each hold within their own hands the ability to impact the future of this wonderful institution." The plaque inscription reads: The Tower Society, founded in 1993, was named for New Paltz's famed clock tower an enduring symbol of the peerless education provided to so many generations of New Paltz students. For information on Tower Society membership, please call (toll-free) 1-877-429-5001, and select option 3.

Design of the times
The Athletics Department recently launched a new web site,, with improved features. The redesign is in compliance with the New York state requirements for web site accessibility for people with disabilities, which is effective September 30. Although its location has changed, the site remains the source for the latest news, results and statistics about the university's 20 intercollegiate teams. The new site features the use of flash animation, which allows a hawk to "fly" and letters to "drop" onto the page, and several photos to alternate. Dave Hines, sports information director, said that once the fall sports season begins, a scoreboard of results will also appear. In addition to the Web Team, web coordinator Rachel Reuben credited much of the ideas and work on this project to Ugyen Namgyel, a student from Delhi who has worked in the Public Affairs Office since January 1999.

That's the ticket
Purchase a 2000-01 faculty/staff parking decal before the residence halls reopen on August 23! It is easy to forget this errand in the fervor of a new school year. Don't wait. They are available beginning Thursday, August 17 at the parking violations office, now permanently located within the Office of Telecommunications, Haggerty Administration Building 40, open daily 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. The $10 fee entitles you to two parking decals if you are registering two vehicles. At original purchase time, cars in excess of two can be added for $3 apiece. Hang tags cost $1 each. To renew registration of a vehicle, only your social security number and vehicle plate numbers are needed. To register a new vehicle, also bring a copy of its vehicle registration card. Please direct additional questions to Linda Orton (University Police) at x3347.



... University Police is seeking volunteers to provide directions and assist in unloading areas while students move into the residence halls on August 23 and 24. Volunteers are asked to work two-hour time blocks. Most help is needed with freshman arrivals on August 23. Dress comfortably, and if it is a hot, sunny day, don't forget sunscreen, glasses and hat. University Police will provide ice water. If available, please call Lt. Patricia Castellano at x3346.

... In order for Computer Services to have equipment protection installed, a power outage will occur from 5-9 p.m. on Monday, August 14. Access to the LAN, student records, the campus web server, etc. will not be possible after 4:45 p.m. This includes dial-in access.

... Computer Services asks those using a mail client (other than WebMail) with as the server to please change their settings, generally located under the program's preferences. The incoming server should be "," and the outgoing server should be "" Computer Services will be handling this change for WebMail users.

... Facilities Operations will be repainting lines in the Haggerty Administration parking lot this weekend. The lot will be out of commission beginning at 4 p.m. on Friday, August 18, so please prepare to park in another location if you must work. Conatact Gary Buckman at x3306 with any questions.


Faculty Promotions

Effective July 1, Marjorie Young was promoted to librarian, and Barbara Petruzzelli was promoted to associate librarian.

Associate professor > full professor, effective September 1: Rimer Cardillo and Joseph Ramos (both Art).

Assistant professor > associate professor, effective September 1: Anne Balant (Communication Disorders), Katherine French (History), Arthur Hoener (Art), Mary Kahl (Communication & Media), Winifred Montgomery (Elementary Education) and Maureen Morrow (Biology).


Awards, Honors, and Appointments

Corinna Caracci, formerly associate director of residence life, accepted the position of director on August 3, following a national search. She had been acting director since Jeffrey Hurrin left the position in April after 14 years of service to New Paltz students. Caracci is also currently pursuing a doctorate in educational administration and policy studies, the program offered at SUNY New Paltz in collaboration with the University at Albany. The Brooklyn, New York, native holds a bachelor's and a master'sdegree from SUNY Oneonta.

Christine McDowell (Theatre Arts) was awarded a full scholarship to attend an 18-day course at the Attingham Summer School in Sussex, England. The 50-year-old school gave McDowell the chance to study British architectural and decorative arts. The competitive scholarship was awarded by the school's American division an educational, non-profit corporation called the American Friends of the Attingham Summer School.


Alumni in the news

Rosann (O'Reilly) Runte, who received her bachelor's degree in French from SUNY New Paltz in 1968, became the seventh president of Old Dominion University in Virginia on July 1. She is only the third woman to head a four-year college or university in that state. "Dr. Runte impressed the Board of Visitors with her experience in higher education, her proven management record and high energy level," said Lawrie Falck Rollison, board rector. Prior to her appointment, Runte was president and vice chancellor of Victoria University in Toronto, Canada. Before that, she served six years as principal of Glendon College (York University) and five years as president of l'Universite Sainte-Anne, both in Canada. Runte has also edited nine books and written three creative volumes, 70 articles and book chapters, and more than 100 reviews. Her creative writing, which has been translated into English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Rumanian, has received the poetry prize from the Academie Francaise in Paris. Her many awards include three honorary degrees. Runte said, "Today, the university's horizon is not the edge of campus, but the world." Runte also holds a master's and doctorate in French from the University of Kansas.


Students in the news

This section features a portion of a news story written this spring by a student of Shelly Wright (Communication & Media).

By Kristin Amarante

If you are part of the faculty or student body at SUNY New Paltz, you might have noticed the new recycling bins that have magically appeared around campus. It wasn't magic. It was a result of the combined efforts of GAIA, an environmental group on campus, and campus chief janitor James Powers. GAIA and Powers worked together to get a new distributor company, Hudson Baler of Middletown, to pick up the recyclables on campus. The reason for the new distributor is that distributors in the past went bankrupt because they were having trouble getting rid of the recyclables, according to Powers. Tara Rainstrom, president of GAIA, said the new distributor is a bigger company and can afford to be more tolerant and less picky about what it collects. She said, "Our last recycling vendor didn't accept anything that was contaminated with garbage from careless people, but this one is much more lenient." GAIA and Powers have also been working on a project to better educate students about recycling. It consists of mandatory meetings for residence hall advisors and directors about the importance of recycling, said Rainstrom, who would also like to see mandatory meetings for all students living in the residence halls. In addition, Powers made up pamphlets on the significance of recycling and had them put in every mailbox on campus. "We aren't doing this because it is the law," he said. "We want to do it because it is the responsible thing to do." In addition to the feeling of satisfaction that Rainstrom gets from seeing her efforts turned to material accomplishments, she is also impressed with the cooperation the project received from the school and Powers. She said, "The more I learn about how things get done, the more I realize that the school does care; it's just hard for them to carry it out."


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