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Ernest report
The IX International Hemingway Conference was held January 3 - 9 in Bimini, Bahamas, a locale with important Hemingway associations, according to H.R. Stoneback (English). It featured presentations by 130 scholars from 40 states and seven countries. Following the demonstrations of literary genius, 15 awards were given for exceptional scholarship. SUNY New Paltz graduate students and faculty came home with 11 of them.

Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott presented Hagland- Helmer Awards for excellence in presentations to graduate students Mark Bellomo, Michael Burns, Jane Dionne, AnnMarie Meisel, Ed Meisel and Michael Smith. Hemingway Society Conference Fellowships were bestowed upon Bellomo and Steve Florczyk, adjuncts, and Larry Beemer, teaching assistant. And Stoneback, director of graduate studies in English, was awarded the Hagland- Helmer Award for presenting the best paper in the senior scholar category, and the Hemingway Society Award for the most graduate students on the program (eight) and the most in attendance (12). Two of these students were supported by New Paltz Graduate Student Research and Creative Projects Awards.

Stoneback reported that several New Paltz students received standing ovations for presentations (very rare indeed), and moderators introducing speakers from the university throughout the week-long conference began to speak of "The New Paltz/Hudson Valley Hemingway Renaissance." When a Bahamian television reporter asked him if New Paltz was in the Ivy League, Stoneback replied "No, we're better than that. We are a relatively small institution and we now offer only the master's in English. But our students here have competed with doctoral students from large institutions with the highest reputations and our students swept the awards." He told Bahamian television viewers, "I am very very proud of all of them." Stoneback said the reporter promised that the Bahamas would begin sending its best students of literature to SUNY New Paltz.

Reviews in anthropology
Victor deMunck and Joseph Cardinale The journal Reviews in Anthropology, produced by Gordon and Breach Publishers, is being housed at SUNY New Paltzin Wooster Science Building 104 and edited by Victor deMunck (Anthropology). He said he sought editorship of the academic journal to gain both visibility for New Paltz and personal experience, and was elected by the editorial board two years ago. Managing editor is deMunck's wife, Trini Garro. Assistant editors are Joseph Cardinale (Junior/English) and Ericka Fritch (Senior/Anthropology), temporary service employees of the offices of Dean Jerry Benjamin (Liberal Arts & Sciences) and Director Karin Andriolo (Honors Program). The students are responsible for proofreading and shelving the books, and maintaining a database, said deMunck.

RIA is published four times a year, and each issue contains seven articles. According to its stated aims and scope, "RIA is the only anthropological journal devoted to in-depth review commentary on recently published books. Titles are drawn largely from the professional literature of anthropology, including the subdisciplines of human biology, sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and comparative linguistics. The subject matter is highly diverse and ranges in a single issue from pharmacology of plant medicines to expressions of gender in traditional art."

Human resources
On Tuesday, February 22, Pamela Fiedler will join university staff as the director of human resources. She comes to our campus from the Schenectady City School District where she has served as director of human resources since 1994. We extend a warm welcome, and wish the best of luck to her predecessor, Craig Haight, in his retirement following ten years of service to SUNY New Paltz.



...All are encouraged to attend a Faculty Meeting at 3 p.m. in Lecture Center 102 on Friday, February 11. Joe Flynn, president of the SUNY University Faculty Senate, will address the faculty and staff and answer questions on various SUNY-wide issues, such as Mission Review, General Education, and the new chancellor, Robert King. Flynn, distinguished service professor of English at SUNY Alfred, succeeds Vince Aceto as Faculty Senate president. For more information, please call Presiding Officer Rose Rudnitski at x2816, or see

...All are invited to a reception honoring Craig Haight, director of human resources, on the occasion of his retirement. It will be held in the Haggerty Administration Lobby from 2 - 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 17. For more information, please call Alice Sheldon (Administration), x3295.

...The Hudson Valley's newest entrant into the news arena:, the only daily newspaper in the Hudson Valley exclusively available on the Internet.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition

Jo Margaret Mano (Geography) served as a consultant for revisions to the New York state 9th and 10th grade curriculum, Global History and Geography.



Amy Kesselman (Women's Studies) recently co-authored an article with Ann Mussey, a former part-time instructor at New Paltz. "Liberating Acts: Putting Feminism into Practice" is based on the women's studies course, "Women: Images and Realities." It appeared in an anthology of articles titled Teaching Introduction to Women's Studies: Expectations and Strategies, edited by Barbara Scott Winkler and Carolyn DiPalma. Kesselman also gave a talk, "The Women's Liberation Movement in New Haven, Connecticut," at a conference on "The 1960s in Connecticut," sponsored by the Association for the Study of Connecticut History.

Michael Muffs (Educational Administration) co-authored an article, "Job Sharing for Administrators: A Consideration for Public Schools," which was published in the November 1999 issue of a journal by The National Association of Secondary School Principals.

June Trop Zuckerman (Secondary Education) published a paper titled "Student Science Teachers Constructing Practical Knowledge from Inservice Science Supervisors' Stories" in the August edition of Journal of Science Teacher Education.



Augustin lettering, artisan unknown

Cindy Dill (Art) is exhibiting a triptych of mixed materials in a show titled "It's About Time," featuring "clock art" by 50 Hudson Valley artists. Dill's "Einstein dreams of DNA" is formed of media such as clock parts, graphite, paint and copper. The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 4 at Barrett Art Center, 55 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie. Call 471-2550 for gallery hours.

Arthur Hoener (Art) presented "Augustin and Damasian Epigraphy," a workshop on stone-carved lettering, in conjunction with the dedication of a new gallery of inscriptional lettering at the Vatican Museums. His workshop was presented for the curators of the epigraphic collections of the Vatican Museums and students from the University of Viterbo. It examined methods for carving inscriptions and a comparative study of imperial Roman and early Christian lettering styles.


Alumni in the news

Edward Renehan, Jr. (BS/Political Science, 1980) appears as a featured "talking head" in a film being aired nationally this month on public television's "The American Experience." John Brown's Holy War, produced and directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner, chronicles the famous abolitionist's incursion at Harpers Ferry in October, 1859. Renehan is the author of The Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown(University of South Carolina Press, 1997). He has appeared nationally on C-SPAN and various television and radio broadcasts in New York, Boston and Washington. His other books are John Burroughs: An American Naturalist and The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt & His Family in Peace and War.

The first TV Guide issue of the new year spotlighted the cast of HBO's "The Sopranos," including Aida Turturro, (BA/Theatre, 1984) who joined this season as Janice, the older sister of New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano. In this role, she is reunited with James Gandolfini, with whom she appeared on Broadway in 1992 in A Streetcar Named Desire and in the 1994 movie Angie. Turturro told reporters she feels lucky to have a role that's so full. She stated, "I like Janice. She's strong; she's funny; sometimes she's a little tough."


Students in the news

Seventeen graduate students in the Art Department were selected to represent SUNY New Paltz in a regional graduate exhibition at Hunter College. The show coincides with the College Art Association's annual conference, also being held in New York City this year. Curator is Fiona Ragheb, associate curator for the Guggenheim Museum (New York). She is sponsored by the Student Art Alliance. The exhibition, which opened February 1 and continues until March 11, features the work of Rosalia Bermudez, Sarahanne Coggeshall, Lauren Fensterstock, Rosemarie Frisone, Helen Gutfreund, Susan Jeffers, Sang Gyun-Kim, James Lang, Mary Leary, Cynthia Levin, Sachiki Okawa, Karen Roff, Susan Stack, Tracy Steepy, Hee Su Suh, Thomas Wertz and Michael Wills. There will be an opening reception from 5:30 - 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 24 at Hunter College, 450 West 41st Street in Manhattan. Gallery Hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 1 - 6 p.m.


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