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ISSUE DATE: October 18, 1999


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Computer Services now has an online system for processing requests for assistance by faculty and staff. A software package which tracks hits and assigns entreaties to personnel for resolution is now accessible at or At the Help Desk login screen, your LAN user ID and your password are the same (generally, the first seven letters of your last name, plus the first letter of your first name). The Help Desk folks, Joe Acquisto, Peter Fairbrother, Ralph Mitchell and Yasser Chamas, take care of things such as new PC installations and connections, non-LAB PC issues, non-LAB printer troubles, denial of LAN access, mental misplacement of LAN passwords, GroupWise e-mail concerns, LAN faxes and dial-out modems, and LAN dial-in distress (not general access dial-in). Consider jotting down your "issue number" for quick reference. This system assumes that you have Web access from somewhere despite your problem. If not, please call Acquisto at x3134.

Comin' up
Read News Pulse next week for an update on the final component of Phase II of Humanizing the Humanities designs for an outdoor mural and sculpture garden by Rimer Cardillo, and original artwork for public spaces indoors by Robin Arnold, Jamie Bennett and Amy Cheng.



...The SUNY Board of Trustees will conduct a public hearing from 2 - 3 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26 at the State University Plaza, Large Courtroom, in Albany. The Board will receive testimony and statements from individuals about university-wide issues only. Persons wishing to present testimony should write John O'Connor, vice chancellor and secretary of the university, at State University Plaza, Albany, New York 12246. Letters must be received by noon on Monday, October 26 and include a brief identification of the testimony subject, and a telephone number and address for confirmation. Testimony will be limited to five minutes, and speakers must provide six copies of their written testimony to the hearing registration officer on the day of the hearing. Those wishing to make brief candid comments of no more than three minutes should register with the hearing registration officer on the day of the hearing.

...All matriculated graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply for research and creative projects awards. The maximum award amount per recipient is $400 per academic year. Applications and guidelines are available in the Office of The Graduate School, Haggerty Administration Building 804.

...Parking decals, hang tags and visitor permits are available at the University Police Department. Please bring college I.D. and vehicle registration, and fill out a police registration form between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Registration forms also available at

...Due to inclement weather on October 9th, treatment for cluster flies of the exterior of Haggerty Administration floors 7, 8 and 9 will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 23. No personnel may work in the HAB on this day.

...According to the director of facilities operations, John Shupe, a recycling activities report from the 1998-99 academic year states that SUNY New Paltz recycled 180 tons of glass, metal, plastic, newspaper and corrugated cardboard.

...The College Board is a non-profit membership association of high schools and colleges that supports the transition of secondary students to higher education through various services. In two recent studies, it reported that college tuition and fees in 1999-2000, in all categories of institutions, had increased less than 5 percent the lowest rate of increase for the past four years. A record $64 billion was available last year in student financial aid, a "very positive trend for American families," said College Board President Gaston Caperton. He said that current prices must be considered in the light of the benefits of a college education for individuals and the society, and, "The cost of not going to college is much higher than the cost of going to college...There has been a great deal of focus on the price of a college education, and too little focus on its value." The current return on the investment in a four-year college degree is $1,000,000.00. This is the additional lifetime earnings that a college graduate will earn over a high school graduate.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition

Peter D.G. Brown (Foreign Languages) has been selected "best scholar" by the staff of Hudson Valley magazine. He andSUNY New Paltz, as well as more than 125 other winners, will be featured in the 13th annual "Best of the Hudson Valley" edition to be published in November. Winners receive certificates and an invitation to a party at the Sheraton Hotel in Poughkeepsie on November 10, where Brown will meet representatives of the Valley's "best" hotels, restaurants, wineries, music, and media. The party's emcee will be food writer and TV personality Merry Clark, and all proceeds will benefit the March of Dimes Campaign for Healthier Babies.

The undergraduate programs of the Department of Business Administration are now listed with Educational International's Guide to Undergraduate Business Programs in the USA. During the months of June and July, the department received more than 150 requests for information from students around the world.

Jonathan Raskin (Psychology) was elected to a three-year term as secretary of the American Psychological Association's Division 32 Humanistic Psychology. His position began in August in Boston at the 107th Annual Convention of the APA, titled "Self, disorder, and meaning: Postmodern perspectives in humanistic psychology," where he presented a paper, "Human involvement and the construction of disordered selves." Raskin also presented a paper, "Constructivism as relativism? It all depends." at the Thirteenth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology, held recently in Berlin.

Hadi Salavitabar, director of business programs, is also the director of a $200,000 grant to SUNY New Paltz, recently approved by the United States Information Agency for the development of sustainable partnerships in international programs, faculty research and professional development, and outreach by empowering stakeholders at the Tashkent State Economic University in Uzbekistan.

A 1998 book by George Schnell (Geography) and coauthor Mark Monmonier (Syracuse University), Map Appreciation(Prentice-Hall), was listed in the 5th volume of the librarian's book, The Reader's Advisor, which is titled "The Best in Science, Medicine and Technology," and was edited by Carl Mitcham and F.W. Williams. Additionally, Schnell will be relisted in the millennial editions of Who's Who in America and Who's Who in Science and Engineering.


Publications: Papers, Articles, and Essays

Joel Neuman, (Business Administration) published two articles: "Very Aggressive Protection Against Workplace Aggression," in the personnel section of Bottom Line Business, August 1999; and, with colleagues R. A. Baron and D. Geddes, "Social and personal determinants of workplace aggression: Evidence for the impact of perceived injustice and the Type A Behavior Pattern," in Aggressive Behavior, 1999.



Rosa Cabrera (Professor Emerita, Spanish) gave a lecture, "The Spanish Heritage in the United States: The Root and The Presence," at a meeting of the Panamerican Cultural Association, held in Falls Church, Virginia.

The vice president and associate vice president of student affairs, Barbara Geider and Ray Schwarz, presented a program at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators' Region II "Symposium on Student Development and Enrollment Management," held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in July. Their presentation, "Facilitating First-Year Students' Transition from High School to College," utilized bilingual materials and included information about SUNY New Paltz's Orientation Leader's Mentorship Program, Orientation II (Freshmen Week), the First-Year Initiative Project, and the 40 Days/40 Nights program sponsored by Residence Life.

Rachel Reuben (Public Affairs) and Lucy Anderson Walker (Computer Services) both made presentations at a SUNY/Council of University Affairs and Development conference, "Solving the Mystery of Advancement," held in Saratoga Springs in June. Reuben was the moderator for a panel titled "Unmasking the Ringleader: Who Has Final Say in Web Design Issues?" Walker presented "Code Name: Cold Fusion Taking Away the Mystery of Web Programming."


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