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ISSUE DATE: July 6, 1999


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SUNY New Paltz has been awarded a two-year mini-grant from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. The grant proposal was coauthored by Michelle Cangelosi (College Activities), Robin Cohen (Student Development) and Raymond Schwarz (Student Affairs). New Paltz was one of only 10 private and public universities in New York state to receive the award and thus participate in a "College Norm Misperceptions Project." According to Cohen, studies prove that illuminating the misperceptions often held by students regarding the amount of alcohol consumed by their peers leads to less alcohol use and abuse. The project coordinator, Cangelosi, together with Corinna Caracci (Residence Life), Scott Van Pelt (College Activities) and student affairs staff, will conduct focus groups and research on campus, as well as collaborate with other colleges in the state. The grant will also provide $8,000 for the design and printing of promotional materials which highlight healthy decision-making related to alcohol use. "It's really exciting for us to be bringing this to campus," said Cangelosi. "A lot of campuses aren't up on these things. It's nice to be in the forefront."

Students not only believe their classmates are drinking more than they actually are; Cohen and Schwarz' data suggests students believe that more of their peers condone sexual coercion than actually do. That's why, in May, 15 SUNY New Paltz resident directors and undergraduate and graduate students were trained to be peer facilitators for "New Positions: Moving Towards Non-Coercive Intimacy," a consciousness-raising project for decreasing sexual aggression and coercion on campus, also to be directed by Cangelosi. A portion of the project, "New Positions: For Men Only," is designed to dispel myths young men often have regarding their peers' behavior and encourages them to reveal their own healthy attitudes. Another portion, "New Positions: For Women Only," focuses on awareness and risk reduction. The newly trained 1999-2000 team will facilitate this program, and several participants will be involved in providing these workshops to incoming freshmen during all five summer orientation sessions, the first of which began on June 29. Cohen and Schwarz piloted this program to freshmen attending orientation in the summer of 1996, and have since trained staff at SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Geneseo for its inception on those campuses. The two hope the research they have collected since 1993, which includes data from a 1997 control group, will be published in the fall. "Our research shows that the educational program had a significant impact on [students'] attitudes," said Cohen.



...Dan Sistarenik (Financial Aid) has notified SUNY's Office of Financial Aid that New Paltz will have a record 1999/2000 freshman class as well as improved retention. In a letter to the associate vice chancellor for student services at SUNY, John Curtice, Sistarenik pointed out that the current Budget Allocation Process (formerly known as Resource Allocation Methodology or RAM) apportions funds based on a number of factors including enrollment and retention, and urged administrators to consider this method of allocating financial aid funds as well.

...Twenty out of approximately 100 participants in RiverRide, a five-day bicycle tour to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, slept in Gage Hall on July 4. Riders who began pedalling on July 1 at SUNY Purchase in Mount Kisco averaged 50 miles per day on scenic routes, travelling north to Albany along the eastern Hudson River Valley, and south on the west side of the river, completing the tour on July 5. Riders selected their overnight accomodations from options including bed & breakfasts, campgrounds and college residence halls.

...Approximately 34 graduating seniors participated in First World Graduation in addition to Commencement '99. This ceremony, in which all graduates are welcome to participate, celebrates the achievements of students of color and allows them an opportunity to teach others about their cultures. It has been a tradition since 1974.


Publications: Books, Chapters, Articles, Essays

Anne Champlin (Nursing) has had her manuscript, Rachel's Story, accepted for publication in the Journal of the New York State Nurses Association. Champlin relates an experience during her dissertation research when she employed mid-range theory of instrumental friendship to reach out to a woman with bone cancer in her time of existential crisis.

Ronald Knapp (Geography) is the author of a chapter, "The Shaping of Taiwan's Landscapes," in Taiwan: A New History, edited by Murray A. Rubinstein, and published in Armonk by M.E. Sharpe Inc., 1999.

An article by Spencer Salend, Lorraine Taylor and Catharine Whittaker (all Educational Studies), "Diversifying the Special Education Training Curriculum to Address the Needs of Migrant Students and Families," was recently published in the journal Teacher Education and Special Education. According to the article which provides teacher trainers with a variety of instructional materials, resources and activities to diversify special education training curriculum, a significant factor in the failure of schools and agencies to properly address the needs of migrant students is the severe shortage of qualified, trained personnel to work with this culturally and linguistically diverse group.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition

Michael Gayle (Psychology) has been selected from among SUNY New Paltz full-time faculty as the 1998-99 recipient of the Liberal Arts & Sciences Teacher of the Year Award. The selection was made by a committee constituted to review nominees for this honor. According to his colleagues, Gayle is "a superb, extraordinary teacher." His students stated their appreciation for his efforts to make difficult technical courses available and interesting, and to coauthor papers with graduate students, thus helping to "groom them for their futures as academic professionals." Gayle was acknowledged as the award recipient by Dean Jerry Benjamin at an April Faculty Meeting. In addition to this and monetary recognition, Gayle's name will be engraved and his picture displayed on a plaque to be hung in the lobby of the Jacobson Faculty Tower prior to the fall semester. At the request of Dean Benjamin, the teacher of the year recipient meets and talks with new faculty about issues in teaching.

The Alliance Summer Geography Institute, hosted in '96 and '98 by SUNY New Paltz with Jo Margaret Mano as geographer-in-residence, was praised by a New Paltz alumna in News Notes, a newsletter of the New York Geographic Alliance. Faith Otwell (BA/1974, Liberal Studies/History), a Buffalo resident, said she and 23 other teachers from across New York State "found the experience to be rigorous and demanding,...ultimately extremely rewarding on many levels." Mano explained that the institute is designed to direct elementary and secondary teachers to incorporate more geography into their teaching. Otwell's return to her alma mater last summer inspired her to write, "I never dreamed how much my perspective on teaching would be affected by my participation in the institute... I haven't been this eager in a long time for September to arrive so that I can get back into my classroom."

Police Recognition:

In January at SUNY Purchase, University Police Officer Victor Torres completed training in administering breath tests.

In February and March at SUNY Purchase, Torres and Officer Thomas Sartin received instruction which focused on officers' contact with the community while on foot.

In May at SUNY Oswego, Torres, Sartin and Officer Johnny Coxum received training in bicycle patrol. Officers learned campus bicycle navigation and how to respond to different situations from the bike. SUNY New Paltz now has five skilled bike patrol officers, including Officer Mike Doyle and Officer Donald Seablom.

In May at Kingston Police Academy, Sartin and Officer Ralph Cropley completed training in the operation of a vehicle radar unit for detecting speed.

In May at New York State Police Academy in Albany, Officer Vanessa Nicolosi attended a sex offense seminar. She learned to respond to sexual crime situations and to provide assistance to victims of such crimes.


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