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Faculty Dining Program
The Faculty Dining Program, sponsored by Residence Life and College Auxiliary Services, provided occasions last semester for 18 faculty members, as well as Vice President Johanna D'Aleo (Finance & Administration) and Associate Vice President Ray Schwarz (Student Affairs), to connect with students with which they share academic interests, over dinner in a social atmosphere. "We have heard rave reviews about the program from both students and faculty. One faculty member spent nearly two hours in Hasbrouck talking with students," stated Daniel Walsh (Residence Life). Faculty wishing to tour a residence hall and subsequently dine at Hasbrouck may either await an invitation by a resident or activities assistant or pursue one directly by contacting Walsh at x5101.

Regional dialogue
The Hudson Valley Forum is comprised of a select number of regional business, civic, cultural and educational leaders engaged in the exchange of ideas, expertise and information about matters relevant to the Hudson Valley and its varied and growing communities. Membership entails an annual tax-deductible contribution to the College at New Paltz Foundation. On March 15, independent author and consultant Tony Hiss was the keynote speaker at the third Forum meeting of the season, a program held at Mohonk Mountain House. Hiss led discussion in keeping with the Forum's theme, "Thinking Regionally," engaging members in dialogue which was moderated by Peter Fairweather, '77, principal of The Fairweather Group. Rounding out the panel of regional experts were Executive Director of the Mohonk Preserve Glenn Hoagland, '82; and Michael di Tullo, president of Mid-Hudson Pattern for Progress. Hiss is a staff writer at The New Yorker, a Visiting Scholar at New York University's Taub Urban Research Center, and the author of nine books, including the widely acclaimed Experience of Place.

In May, Kenridge Farms in Cornwall, Orange County, will be the site of a Forum exploration of Hudson Valley bounty. Deputy Commissioner for Historic Preservation Winthrop Aldrich will be joined by musicians Jay Ungar and Molly Mason and Valley Table editor, Janet Crawshaw, to examine the abundant riches of the Valley in terms of tourism, food and entertainment.



...The Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library is soliciting donations of used books in good physical condition to be sold at the semi- annual book sales which raise funds for library acquisitions. Book donations may be made at the Library checkout desk, and Library staff may be available to help deliver large donations. A list of all "Books for Books" donors will be posted at the time of the next sale, April 19-30. For more information, please contact Barbara Petruzzelli at x3677.

...An additional Women's History Month event will take place at the Rosendale Cafe on Wednesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. A free women's poetry reading features poetry by Pauline Uchmanowics (English); students Rebecca Schumejda (Senior/English), Vonetta Steward (Senior/English) and Emmanuella Myrthil (Senior/Communication & Media); as well as 10 other Hudson Valley women poets. Co-sponsored by Women's Studies, Chronogram Magazine and the local poet's group, Runaway Woman Production, this event has been organized by the Chronogram's poetry editor, Lee Anne Albritton (Women's Studies), and Lorna Tychostup, head of Runaway Woman Production. For more information, please call Albritton at 384-6035.

...As indicated by recent LAN mail from Peter D.G. Brown (Foreign Languages), chair of the Budget, Goals and Plans Committee, feedback from campus constituents is sought regarding the possible establishment of a retirement community here at New Paltz. Please e-mail or call x3492.

...The Academic Affairs Committee is considering recommending major revisions to the Student Evaluation of Instruction. Input to the committee is welcome. For more information, please call Lew Brownstein (Political Science), chair, at x3540.

...Of the 612 students enrolled in EOP in fall '98, 203 were sophomores, juniors and seniors whose names appear on EOP's Scholar's List; and 73 are freshman who qualified for the EOP Freshman Distinction List.


Publications: Books

David Clark (Mathematics & Computer Science) co-authored a book, Natural Dualities for the Working Algebraist, with Brian Davey of the mathematics department of LaTrobe University, Bundoora, Australia. Clark stated, "A natural duality is a special method of coding certain abstract, symbolic algebras into geometric (or topological) counterparts." Published by Cambridge University Press in 1998, the text includes extensive exercise sets at the conclusion of each chapter, enabling its use in the classroom. According to internationally recognized leader in the field of universal algebra George McNulty, a University of South Carolina mathematics professor, "This book is the first thorough exposition of duality theory... and will be a valuable resource for algebraists, and an invaluable resource for those determined to advance the current flowering of duality theory itself." For more details, see Clark's web page at:



A favorable review of Rimer Cardillo's (Art) site-specific installation, Đand˙, on exhibit through April 25 at Anthony Giordano Gallery at Dowling College in Oakdale, appeared in The New York Times on Sunday, February 28. According to Helen A. Harrison's "Unorthodox Uses of Paper and Other Materials," the ˝and˙, a large flightless bird related to the ostrich, proves "an apt vehicle for [Cardillo's] commentary on the conflict between the exotic and the quotidian." Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday 2-4:30 p.m., and by appointment on Tuesday. Additionally, a gallery lecture by Cardillo will begin at 4 p.m. on April 14.

Ana Tiscornia (Art) exhibited a mixed-media installation as part of a group show titled "Remembering Times Past," last fall at Art Apex Gallery in Tribeca.


Alumni in the news

Sander Diamond (BA/1964) has recently published a book titled The German Table: The Education of a Nation, a work of historical fiction on life in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s as seen through the eyes of four children. It is available both in paperback and on CD-Rom through its publisher, Disc-US Books, Inc., at Sander is also the author of four books and more than 40 articles on Germany and Russia.

Louis Fagan (MA/English, 1997) has written a first book, a work of fiction titled New Boots, published in November 1998 by A- Peak Publishing, Johnston.

Allen Young (BA/Biology, 1964) is currently conducting a long-term field study at the Tirimbina Rainforest Center in Costa Rica on the integration of the farming of cocoa, the world's source of chocolate and cocoa butter, within previously-logged areas of tropical rainforest. His research tests the idea that by growing cocoa trees, fertilized naturally in the shade of tropical forest, there is better natural control of insect pests and fungal diseases. Young was instrumental in founding the Tirimbina Rainforest Center, which is owned and managed for research and environmental education by the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Riveredge Nature Center in the Milwaukee area. Young received his doctorate in zoology at the University of Chicago in 1968, and has since authored four books and more than 230 articles in scientific journals. He is currently the curator of zoology and vice president of collections, research and public programs at the Milwaukee Public Museum. "I credit my teachers at New Paltz, including Arnold Nemerofsky (Biology), Heinz Meng (Biology), James Gray (then chair of the science and math division), Leroy Nydegger (then assistant professor of biology), Gertrude Bohm (then assistant professor of chemistry), and others, with providing a solid foundation for graduate studies and for a career in natural science," said Young.


Students in the news

Head Men's Soccer Coach Stuart Robinson led the SUNY New Paltz Men's Soccer Team last fall as athletes participated in an Alzheimer's Memory Walk which began at the Senate House in Kingston. Walking in memory of Debra Miller's (Records & Registration) mother, Mary, our 22 soccer players and two coaches won a traveling plaque for having the largest number of walking teams participating. This was the third consecutive year that the soccer team took part in the Alzheimer's Association of Ulster County walk, and the second time they received the largest group award. "We're the only college-age group that has been there for the past three years," said Robinson. "For us it's an annual event. The guys really look forward to it." Proceeds from the walks are used in Dutchess and Ulster counties to provide support programs and information for individuals with Alzheimer's and their families, said Miller, whose family is active in the Alzheimer's Association of Ulster County.


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