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What's Old: Fall '98 News


The results of the 1998 New York Teacher Certification Examinations were reported by the National Evaluation System, Inc. School of Education Dean Robert Michael said he was very pleased with the test results which showed SUNY New Paltz to be exceeding both the SUNY wide and statewide test score averages. The percentage passing rate for SUNY New Paltz students as compared to SUNY colleges overall and colleges statewide has been recorded as indicated by the chart below. All students are required to take the Liberal Arts and Sciences test and either the Elementary or Secondary Assessment, depending on their chosen field.

 Liberal Arts and SciencesElementary Assessment of Teaching SkillsSecondary Assessment of Teaching Skills
SUNY New Paltz students92%95%96%
SUNY colleges overall90%92%90%
colleges statewide69%72%76%

A grant from The College at New Paltz Foundation enabled the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) to hold its second annual Alumni Roundtable, which took place Homecoming Weekend. For two hours, more than 50 students, faculty and alumni gathered in the Hopfer Admissions and Alumni Center to explore networking opportunities for Business students. Thirteen College alumni representing majors in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management provided undergraduates and faculty valuable information on current trends in the field. They named skills and classes they now wish they had pursued in college, as well as those they did and are most grateful for. Organized by AMA advisors Rachel Reuben (Public Affairs) and Ted Clark (Business Administration), the Roundtable was also moderated by Clark who said he was "very gratified by the willingness of alumni to make such a contribution."

Ted Clark (Business Administration) coordinated and hosted a presentation by representatives of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Inc. which was attended by 12 New Paltz faculty across disciplines, as well as numerous administrators and students. The mini-conference allowed SPSS representatives to discuss the ways in which SUNY New Paltz can utilize its license to establish the software on 100 personal computers located within the Business Department and the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and to demonstrate the software's particular uses for faculty, administrators and students. According to Clark, using SPSS, faculty will be able to analyze a substantial amount of collected research data, administrators to organize student data, and students to learn concepts of statistics and the manipulation of data. The participating departments have contracted for a license which permits the College to use the software until January of 2000.

At noon on Friday, December 11, all Classified staff members of SUNY New Paltz gathered in the Multipurpose Room for the 13th Annual Awards Luncheon. This luncheon honored those without whom the College, its students, faculty and professional staff could not function, pointedly marking the loyalty and dedication of those employees whose years of College service total 30, 25 and 20. Guests dined on traditional holiday fare. Tables festooned with Christmas trees and menorahs offered aesthetically remarkable and tantalizing confections.

Following a greeting by Vice President for Administration Johanna D'Aleo and a short speech by Presiding Officer of the Faculty Rose Rudnitski, the luncheon address was delivered by President Roger Bowen who congratulated awardees and provided an update of SUNY New Paltz's current state of affairs, a reminder of purpose and a source of pride to those who enable it.

The following 16 individuals were then recognized by D'Aleo, and those present rose to receive commemorative tokens to the tune of their colleagues' applause:

30th anniversary: William Johnson (Receiving), Kathleen Niznik (Institutional Research), Norman Rider (Campus Police) and Cheryl Sykes (Human Resources).

25th anniversary: Carmine Montemarano (standing, at right), Frederick Dates, James Powers (all Physical Plant), Dale Levin (Chemistry) and Patricia Pole (Honors Center/Governance).

20th anniversary: Albert Asendorf, Myron Avery, Donald Hawrylak, Joyce Lane, Egidio Russo (all Physical Plant), Theresa Howell (Student Health Center) and Grace Morina (Educational Administration).

The ceremony concluded with a closing by Bowen who recognized the Wood Company for supporting the luncheon and thanked Sandy Hess, Alice Sheldon (both President's Office) and Gwen Havranek (Administrative Services) for organizing it.Visit our Web site at to view some additional highlights of the luncheon.




...Since 1995, contributions from faculty and staff to the Faculty/Staff Campaign have risen from $7,500 to $18,000 (to date), an increase of 140 percent. Donations to this fund have primarily been used for student scholarships, the Sojourner Truth Library, Faculty/Staff Development Awards and the campus beautification efforts that President Roger Bowen said "make our campus a real garden."

...New Paltz is the only four-year institution that has shown an increase over the past six years of applicants in the top 20 percent of their high school graduating classes.

...The default rate for student loan borrowers of SUNY New Paltz is 5.6 percent, well below the national average of 10.1 percent and an impressive figure for a SUNY college, since most average between six and seven percent. This is particularly noteworthy because according to Financial Aid director Dan Sistarenik, the volume of borrowers has increased by 60 percent over the last seven years. Sistarenik credits this success to the efforts of the offices of Financial Aid and Loan Coordination, and a marked improvement in service from New Paltz's lenders.

...The College's 1997-98 retention rate for students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) was 91 percent. The College currently has funding for 565 full-time EOP students.


Predictions from History:

PREDICTIONS from history:
Historically, inventors and their inventions have been the subject of ridicule by the less progressive. Scientific theories have been rejected by both church and school. Ever wary of change, we humans have a knack for rejecting that which we do not understand, until the Joneses buy one... For a limited time only, News Pulse will include quotes drawn from the archives of skeptics as a reminder to all that open-mindedness is the key to education, progress is the responsibility of all, and "The good old days weren't always good and tomorrow's not as bad as it seems." - Billy Joel, "Keeping the Faith."


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