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Faculty/Staff Campaign secures a glowing future for SUNY New Paltz

Each of you - faculty, staff, administrators - plays a key role in opening our doors to students. It is because of your commitment that SUNY New Paltz continues to attract a record number of applicants with ever higher academic profiles. To remain competitive with other public and private educational institutions, we must continue to seek financial support for our deserving students, especially during this era of diminishing state funds for public higher education.

Continued excellence demands setting and reaching higher goals. Throughout 1997-98, faculty and staff contributed nearly $18,000 to SUNY New Paltz, an eight percent increase over the previous campaign period. These funds have been vital to the College's growth. So, please, take a moment to invest in our future - complete and return your donor card today!


Did you know?

In 1997-98 the Faculty/Staff Campaign had 21 new donors and an overall total of 111 donors. Last year 17 percent of New Paltz employees contributed to the Faculty/Staff Campaign.


I donate because...

"I feel like I'm donating to a noble cause," said Rose Rudnitski (Elementary Education), who donates to her alma mater, SUNY Oneonta, as well as New Paltz. "The SUNYs are committed to educating a portion of the population that might not ordinarily receive this level of education. That's very noteworthy and noble. I donate because I'm a first generation college student. I'm what SUNY is all about. I donate because I truly believe in education as a means of improving society. An educated citizenry is one that can exercise citizenship," she said.

Mary Mulligan (Business Administration): "Why do I donate? Both my husband and I are alumni of this school (Class of '76), I have two children who are graduates (Caren Mulligan, Class of '88 and Christine Dashtgoli, Class of '95) and one who will be (LisaJane Kappler, Elementary Education and Anthropology), and I work here. By giving to New Paltz we show our belief in the institution. The General Scholarship Fund is especially important because it brings very qualified students to our campus. Donating shows that the people who work here care."


Where your money goes:

This fall, for the first time, the College was able to award a scholarship to the child of a New Paltz employee. The newly created Faculty/Staff Scholarship provided a $1,000 tuition award for Anne Swartz, a triple major in philosophy, Italian, and German, and daughter of Dan Swartz (Theatre Arts). "I want to say thank you; I appreciate it," said Anne. "I think it's wonderful that people contributed and made this possible. It's wonderful that they show their support. Several professors came up to me, some I didn't even know, to congratulate me. That was really nice. An award like this is especially nice for someone who works and is going to school," added Anne, a waitress at The Would Restaurant in Highland. Following her May '98 graduation from SUNY New Paltz, Anne hopes to study international law.

$1,955 was designated by faculty and staff for the General Scholarship Fund - donations that helped the College award 227 scholarships this fall - more than anytime in its history.

Homecomers and other campus visitors of late may have noticed the installation of new Campus Directory Maps, thanks to Faculty/Staff contributions to the Campus Beautification Fund. Since October 15, three 4' x 5' wooden signs of polaris blue and smoky mountain cedar have been located near the Route 32 entrance to the HAB parking lot, near Bardes House at the corner of Mohonk Avenue East and Route 32, and near Elting Gym at the corner of Southside Loop and Tricor Avenue. Campus Directory Maps at these locations will soon contain brochure holders for dispensing paper versions of the map/directory for visitors navigating the campus. According to campus architect David Smith, supplier of the blueprint pictured below, several more of these serviceable structures will be erected in the near future.

Donations were also designated to Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library, Faculty/Staff Development Awards, and "where the need is greatest."


It's easy...

To make a gift or pledge to the 1998-99 Faculty/Staff Campaign, please return your completed donor card to Advancement, HAB 501. For a limited time, donors of $100 or more (only $4 per paycheck) will receive a lapel pin sporting "Gussie," the College mascot. You can send a check now or sign up for payroll deduction. If your spouse works for a company that has a matching gift program, your gift amount can be doubled (have your husband or wife pick up a matching gift form at his or her place of employment). Faculty/Staff donor cards are available in the Advancement Office, HAB 501. For more information, please contact Judy Herron, director of Annual Giving Programs, at 257-3239 or


For your own good...

Please send all applications for Faculty/Staff Development Awards to HAB 501 by Friday, October 30. If you need an application, stop by that office or call 257-3240 and an application will be mailed to you.


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