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Express to New York City
The School of Education and the Career Advising and Fieldwork Center united with other SUNY colleges and the New York City Board of Education last month to sponsor the second SUNY-wide New York City School District Recruitment Program. Arranged by Carl Lashley (Educational Administration) and Tonda Highley (Career Advising and Fieldwork Center), the event held here at New Paltz gave representatives from seven NYC school districts a chance to speak on teaching opportunities in city public schools and interview prospective teachers among the 80 students and alumni in attendance.

The kindness of strangers
The Office of College Activities has determined that members of 14 Greek Organizations spent more than 1,770 hours serving the community throughout the 1997-1998 academic year. Activities such as delivering food to homebound persons with AIDS, organizing a blood drive, sponsoring a little league team and cleaning up the campus and town filled the donated hours of New Paltz Greeks. Bob Eddings (College Activities) is currently working on a database to monitor community service hours and perpetuate enthusiasm of contributors.

Just rewards
At this year's commencement ceremony, President Roger Bowen was the bearer of good news for Myra Mimlitsch Gray (Art) and Laura Sgroi (Elementary Education). Having been recommended by their departments and the Committee on Research, Awards and Leaves, the two were chosen as recipients of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching based on ability to meet criteria in teaching techniques, student services and academic standards, as well as superior teaching performances. On this, the 25th anniversary of the bestowal of the awards, Mimlitsch Gray and Sgroi were among 176 teachers, librarians and members of the professional service noted by Chancellor John W. Ryan whose "commitment and contributions to the State University are an inspiration to all." They will be granted inscribed certificates and cast bronze medallions which may be worn at commencements, honors convocations and other academic ceremonies. To further recognize this honor and as testimony to the College's commitment to providing our students with the highest quality instruction, the phrase "State University Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching," will accompany their names in the college catalog.

Happy birthday
Two hundred and fifty feet up a steep rock face, partially obscured from the summer sun by an overhanging cliff, four peregrine falcon eggs are all through waiting. Hatched sometime last week, three nestlings (possibly four) have been spotted by Mohonk Preserve Natural Resource Specialist, John Thompson. In order to maintain the necessary body temperature of her offspring, the new mother will sit on her nestlings, a process known as "brooding," until her body can no longer cover them. By that time, the birds will have begun to develop down feathers. The fledglings will then learn to fly, leaving the nest for good in late August or early September, coinciding aptly with the proposed time for The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove their species from the endangered list. Peregrine falcons are expected to live approximately 15 years in the wild, laying an average of four eggs per years for 10 years. Did somebody say "Go forth and multiply"?

Birdmen of New Paltz
Heinz Meng (Biology) intends to photograph the nest and its inhabitants, viewable from a nearby cliff, sometime in the next few weeks. Children, do not try this at home.

For additional info on Jonathan Tuscanes, nest-discoverer, then-SUNY student and Geography Department intern at Mohonk Preserve, see ALUMNI IN THE NEWS.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition

The American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter for which Ted Clark (Business Administration) is advisor has received the 1997-1998 award for Outstanding Fundraising Activities, and national recognition at an Awards Program Banquet held in Dallas. A display case in the Business Department conference room holds the plaque, awarded for excellence in providing professional marketing services to chapter members, the College and community.

James Zalacca (Athletics) has been selected as one of three Division III representatives for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Men's Basketball Rules Committee. His membership, effective September 1, will involve discussion, revision and implementation of NCAA rules for three men's basketball divisions. It is a four-year term.


Publications: Papers, Articles, and Essays

Milton Jacobs (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology), two monographs on The Washington Artillery of Louisiana, an Army unit that won decorations in the Civil War and subsequent wars of U.S. involvement, now a decorated unit of the U.S. Army Reserve. Additionally, Jacobs presented two papers at meetings of the American Historical Archaeological Society: "History and Archaeology," in Richmond and "Understanding History Through a Study of Surgery in the United States," in Jamaica. Since his 1988 retirement, Jacobs has taught at Townson State University and Bowie State College, both in Maryland, and has served as a researcher/writer at the Smithsonian Institute. He is newly affiliated with the Washington Philosophical Society and the Archaeological Institute of America.

Chih-Yang Tsai (Business Administration), a paper, "Minimum cost capacity installation for multicommodity network flows," in Mathematical Programming, with co-authors Daniel Bienstock, Sunil Chopra and Oktay Gunluk.



Laurence Hauptman (History), The Alexander C. Flick Lecture on New York State History, "Ditches, Defense, and Dispossession: The Iroquois and the Rise of the Empire State," at the Conference on New York State History, to be held at Buffalo State College June 4-6. Flick Lectures are published in New York History, the quarterly journal of the New York State Historical Association.


Alumni in the news

Edward J. Renehan Jr. (1980) published a book, John Burroughs, An American Naturalist (Black Dome Press), a biography of the Hudson Valley's own renowned 19th century teacher, writer and naturalist who lived with his wife Ursula at the Riverby Farm in West Park, entertaining such guests as Walt Whitman. Renehan's fascination with Burroughs began while living in one of three houses at the Riverby Farm compound while attending SUNY New Paltz, walking the nature trails of Burroughs' muse and conversing with the late writer's descendants.

Jonathan Tuscanes (BA/Geography, May '98) was still a senior at New Paltz at the time of his discovery of the first peregrines to nest in the Gunks since 1958. He sighted the falcons' nest while mapping the Mohonk Preserve carriage roads using a Global Positioning System/GPS, for an internship project as a participant in the Geography Department's long-standing Internship Program. For his many achievements as an intern, he has been nominated by George Schnell (Geography) for a New York State Cooperative and Experiential Education Association (CEEA) 1997-1998 Student of the Year Award, recognizing outstanding student achievement and contribution to experiential education. Two students, one from a two-year community college and one from a four-year institution, will share the cash prize, to be presented at the annual NYS CEEA Conference in Tarrytown, October 4-6. Good luck, Jon.


Students in the news

Jorge David Gomez (Senior/ Electrical Engineering) received first prize in the technology category for his presentation and poster, "Development of an Electronics Laboratory with Optimized Computer Assistance," performed under the guidance of Julio Gonzalez (Electrical Engineering), at the 6th Annual C-STEP Statewide Student Conference at The Sagamore Conference Center in Lake George. The following students also attended the conference and presented posters of their research projects: Reyna Payero and Cesar Perez (Biology); Ademola Oyefessa (Chemistry); Beatriz Bailon and Leonardo Camac (Electrical Engineering); and Ervin Rodriguez (Computer Science).


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