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Good neighbors
Frederick A. Betschen, Superintendent of Schools, New Paltz Central School District, is thankful. A recent letter to President Roger Bowen acknowledged the special efforts of the President and SUNY staff whose actions prompted solutions when a recent chemical odor problem caused the closure of the middle school building. Displaced sixth graders need not worry about an early summer vacation due to the "responsiveness, energy, dedication and genuine hospitality" of the following individuals: Gail Gallerie (President's Office), Robert Mumper (Graduate School), Owen Hill (Electrical Engineering), Arnie Bernardini and John Shupe (Physical Plant), David Ralph (Telecommunications), and the support services staff who directly assisted in arrangements for the adolescent occupation of Resnick Engineering Building and additional campus facilities.

Getting inspired
Philadelphia-based sculptor Jeanne Jaffe is spending the next few weeks on campus discussing a sculpture to be constructed here at SUNY New Paltz throughout the late summer and fall. Women's Studio Workshop has received a grant from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation for the development of the land-based environmental sculpture titled "Field of Forms" which will reside here for up to 18 months, beginning next spring. The project will reflect the natural and cultural characteristics of the Hudson Valley as culminated from Jaffe's dialogues with faculty, staff, students and community members throughout her current residency.

Seeing is believing
Italy is the classroom for those enrolled in this summer's On-Site Studies in Art History Abroad fieldwork course offered by the department of Art History and the Office of International Education. For the 19th year, this intensive program will enable the historical art study of a specific geographic area and a limited chronological span through lectures delivered at actual monuments. "The Byzantine Mosaics and Frescoes of Rome" will emphasize the problems of style and iconography in Roman mural decoration from the fourth to 14th century, comparing Roman Byzantine art to mural decoration of Ravenna and Venice. Participants of this 21-day course of study are presently on-site and will return June 17.

Writing day
The Writing Board's second annual Celebration of Writing Day, held at Hopfer Admissions and Alumni Center last month, proved as successful as the first. Thanks to coordinators Reva Wolf (Art History), Sue Books (Educational Studies), Elizabeth DiPippo (Mathematics and Computer Science), Maureen Morrow (Biology), and Jan Schmidt and Pauline Uchmanowics (both English), 26 students spent an afternoon sharing their original works of fiction, poetry, drama, expository writing and essays, and enjoying refreshments in the company of friends and classmates. First place and honorary mention winners, chosen for the categories of both creative writing and expository writing, were subsequently awarded Ariel Bookseller gift certificates. Congratulations to creative writing winners, Tia R. Keenan (Senior/Journalism) and William Boyle (Sophomore/Secondary Education); and expository writing winners, Denise Fitzgerald (Junior/Elementary Education) and Shirley Beyah (Sophomore/Liberal Arts and Black Studies).

Budgeting time
SUNY System Administration has developed a website for SUNY on-line users to access state accounts. That means no more SAMI, SUIQ, SUPO, etc., acronyms! It is very user friendly and provides in-depth information. With just a click, you'll be able to tell how much you've spent. Those interested in gaining access to this system should contact Julie Majak (Administrative Services) via e-mail or phone x3270.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition

Kequin Li (Mathematics and Computer Science), two awards, the 1997 Refereed Journal Articles Award from the Joint Venture in Space Science Program of NASA and the SUNY Research Foundation and an award from the "Bright Ideas-Bigger Ideas" Program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, for a research proposal titled "Dynamic and randomized load distribution for tree-structured parallel computations on static interconnected networks."

Patricia Sullivan (Communication & Media) and co-author Lynn Turner, a book of the year award, for From the Margins to the Center: Contemporary Women and Political Communication, from The Organization for the Study of Communication, Language & Gender.


Publications: Papers, Articles, and Essays

Carole Levin (History), three essays: "Women in the Renaissance," in Becoming Visible: Women in European History; " ‘We Shall Never Have a Merry World While the Queene Lyveth': Gender, Monarchy, and the Power of Seditious Words," in Dissing Elizabeth, Negative Representations of Gloriana; and "From Leo Africanus to Ignatius Sancho: Backgrounds and Echoes to Othello," in Lamar Journal of the Humanities.



Laurence Hauptman (History), The Alexander C. Flick Lecture on New York State History, "Ditches, Defense, and Dispossession: The Iroquois and the Rise of the Empire State," at the Conference on New York State History, to be held at Buffalo State College June 4-6. Flick Lectures are published in New York History, the quarterly journal of the New York State Historical Association.

Mary L. Kahl (Communication and Media), a paper, "Looking Toward Debates 2000: Emerging and Enduring Issues," at the Eastern Communication Association Convention in Saratoga Springs. She also participated on a panel discussion titled "Approaches to the Study of Campaign 2000" and served as a respondent to the program "Exploring the Dimensions of Political Leadership at Home and Abroad," at the same location.

Ann V. Dean (Educational Studies) and Elaine Kolitch (Math and Computer Science), a paper, "A Critical Reading of Student Evaluation of Instruction Instruments," at the American Educational Research Association Conference in San Diego.


Alumni in the news

Scott Zimmer (MFA/Ceramics, May '98), work included in two exhibitions, "The 13th Annual Clay National," at the San Angelo Museum in Texas and "The Orton International Con Box Competition," a two-year traveling show hosted by Baker University in Kansas City.


Students in the news

Sherry Simms (Graduate Student/Metals), work included in a nationally juried exhibition, "New Generation," opening at Shaw Guido Gallery in Pontiac, Michigan, in June.


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