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ISSUE DATE: Monday, May 4, 1998


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A message from the President

The search for a replacement for the irreplaceable Bill Vasse has failed, but not for want of effort by the outstanding search committee chaired by Professor Myra Mimlitsch Gray. The search committee has recommended unanimously that Vice President Vasse be asked to postpone his retirement for one more year and I am pleased to announce that he has agreed to stay on.

A search for Vice President Vasse's replacement will recommence in August. It is expected and hoped that an offer will be made and an acceptance will be in hand before the December holidays.

To preserve our outstanding reputation for long-range planning, the retirement party planned for Bill Vasse will still be held on May 7. This not-to-be-repeated event will now be an occasion for both acknowledging Bill's contributions over the last 16 years and expressing our appreciation for his willingness to make it 17 years!

What's New?

Spring cleaning
Nearly 70 fraternity and sorority members participated in a campus clean-up last month as part of a service project to close Greek Week. Dorothy Struck (Physical Plant) and Alexa Santana (Junior/Psychology/Alpha Phi Omega) coordinated the joint effort between staff and the 11 Greek organizations which joined forces to show their pride and commitment to the aesthetic and environmental needs of SUNY New Paltz.

Natural gas
"Building a Better New Paltz" is not about publicity and recognition, but a little of each never hurts. Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation's 1997 shareholder's annual report includes a photo and brief narrative on New Paltz's conversion from oil to natural gas for hot water and other applications. A cleaner burning fuel than oil, natural gas is not only environmentally friendly, but requires less maintenance, which will save the College approximately $75 to $100 thousand dollars every year, beginning in 1999, by allowing the centralized heating plant to close down for the summer months. Eventually, eight to 10 years down the road, a centralized heating plant may become a dinosaur altogether.

Opinions wanted
Rose Rudnitski (Elementary Education) has recently begun writing a monthly op-ed commentary column for the Poughkeepsie Journal. It appears on the last Sunday of every month and addresses educational issues of all kinds, from eliminating recess in elementary schools to academic freedom at the college level. Additionally, the Journal continues to seek op-ed submissions from writers throughout the community possessing demonstrable expertise in any subject of interest for its Sunday edition. Please keep what's on your mind to an approximate 625 words and include a clear photo of yourself with your submission.

Recording history
A special two-hour taping of William F. Buckley Jr's "Firing Line" will begin at 2:00 p.m. Monday, May 4, at Bard College. Seating will begin at 1:00 p.m. in the F.W. Olin Auditorium for the debate which will explore the role of the American Civil Liberties Union and its relevance to contemporary free speech issues. The debate audience is also invited to attend two half- hour programs on similar topics which will be taped from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. Seating for all events is free, open to the public and first-come, first-served. For additional information, please call (845) 758-7412.

Truth be known
The 200th anniversary of the birth of Sojourner Truth has resulted in a very busy year for Corinne Nyquist (Library). Its highlights include: Four lectures as an invited speaker at the Battle Creek National Women's Conference, followed by an interview on National Public Radio; interviews by several city newspapers and CNN regarding the Mar's Pathfinder Rover named for Sojourner; local presentations as part of the Katherine Terwilliger lectures series at the Ellenville Public Library, Ulster County Historical Society, Huguenot Historical Society, Kingston Rotary Club and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie; and most recently, a talk/slide presentation given to area teachers in an event cosponsored by the Mid-Hudson Teachers Center and The Sojourner Truth Institute. A portion of these slides of places in Ulster County associated with Sojourner Truth can be seen on the Internet. Look for them at


Appointments, Honors, and Recognition

Sally Schultz (Business Administration) was recognized for completing 10 years of service as a member of Dutchess Community College's Accounting Advisory Board.

June Trop Zuckerman (Secondary Education) has been appointed to the editorial board of The Journal of Science Teacher Education.


Publications: Books, Papers, Articles, and Essays

Patricia Sullivan (Communication and Media), with co-author Lynn Turner, a book, From the Margins to the Center: Contemporary Women & Political Communication (Praeger) at the Women's Campaign School at Yale University.

Rikki Asher (formerly Art Education), a book chapter, "The Sojourner Truth Mural: Investigating African American History Through Public Art," in Elizabeth J. Saccá and Enid Zimmerman (Ed.) Women Art Educators IV: Herstories, Ourstories, Future Stories. Asher worked with students throughout the 1994-95 school year to develop and produce the Sojourner Truth mural that now hangs in our library. She is currently the director of art education in the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services at Queens College.



Jamie Bennett and Myra Mimlitsch Gray (Art) were featured speakers at the annual National Conference of the Society of North American Goldsmiths in Seattle.

Steven Bradford (Art), work included in a group show, "Figurative Clay Sculpture," at Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco.

Adelaide Haas (Communication Disorders) a miniseminar copresented with Robert Owens and Linda Robinson (both of SUNY Geneseo), "Making the connections: Links between communication development and intervention strategies," at the annual meeting of the New York State Speech Language Hearing Association in Manhattan.

Mary Roehm (Art), invited speaker at Japan Society, NYC. Later, there was a studio tour sponsored by the group. Both events were held in conjunction with the American Craft Museum.

George A. Schnell (Geography) arranged and chaired a session on Pennsylvania's Aged Population at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society in York, PA. He also presented a paper, "Pennsylvania's Aged Population: Problems and Prospects."

Sally Schultz (Business Administration), two papers, "SFAS No. 130, Reporting Comprehensive Income," with Kristofer Neslund (Business Administration) and "Deferred Income Taxes: Advantages of the Combined Approach," with Roxanne Johnson, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences in Las Vegas.

Tulin Sener (Business Administration), a paper, "Hedged vs. Unhedged Global Equity Portfolios," at the Global Finance Association in Montreal.

Andrew Sharma (Communication/Media), a paper, "Preparing Production Students for an International Audience," at the 43rd Annual Convention of Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas.

Alumni in the news

Stuart Oderman (MS/Secondary Education, English/1967) was recently interviewed on the Arts and Entertainment Network during a biography of Roscoe Arbuckle, the late silent film star who was involved in a murder/scandal in the early 1920s. An Arbuckle biographer himself, Oderman is the author of Roscoe"Fatty"Arbuckle (McFarland Press), the only written biography of Arbuckle currently in print in this country.



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