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Hawk's Nest open for business

A view of the newly renovated side dining area in the Student Union Building.
Photo by Danny Wild.

Hungry patrons of the Student Union Building (SUB) food court were greeted this fall with a dining experience that is pleasing not only to the stomach, but the eyes, as well.

Over a ten-week period, the food court - now known as the Hawk,s Nest - was renovated by Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), in conjunction with Sodexho Campus Services.

"I think we've made a food court that will make the entire campus proud and will add a lot of life to the Student Union Building," said Steve Deutsch, chief executive officer of CAS.

The dining center's new appearance includes new lighting, wall tiles, paint and flooring. Various shades of New Paltz blue and orange were incorporated into the Bergmann Associates' design. The main seating area is now separated from the food service area by frosted glass and wood dividers. Couches line the windows facing the campus pond to provide customers with a place to relax.

The soda machines, as well as the refuse and recycling receptacles, have been moved into separate alcoves in the Hawk's Nest's two dining areas, which now equipped with wireless Internet service.

The grill area has new equipment to aid in food production and delivery. There is a new char-broiler, a custom space for the sushi chef, a new salad bar, and new hot and cold holding units.

The food court features a new dining option: Pandini's, a Sodexho brand restaurant, which serves upscale Italian items. Pandini's replaces Pete's Arena. Once orders are placed, customers receive a pager that will notify them when their food is ready. A "smart market" offers organic food options and grilled items and the deli serves high quality meats, garden-fresh produce and now features freshbaked breads. The salad bar is now located with the other food stations to provide the campus community with onestop shopping.

Michelle Chapin, director of dining services in the Union, now has an office located right off the main dining area. Ralph Perez-Rogers, general manager of food services, is temporarily located there, as well.

Changes have also been made for efficiency sake. Sandella's, which will return to its location near SUB 101. New items like pasta dishes and breakfast burritos will be available, and the site will be open on weekends.

Across campus, in Old Main, the Huguenot Cafe that once operated in the Old Main Building will re-open as the Harvest Moon Cafe and will offer 100-percent organic and vegan food items. The new cafe will also use local agriculture. Products from the Brook Farm Project in New Paltz and Winter Sun Produce are already being served.

All food service venues were open by the first day of classes, with the exception of Sandella's and Harvest Moon Cafe, which will open after Labor Day.

For more information, visit the CAS Web site at

August 28, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 16

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