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College welcomes 32 full-time faculty members

New faculty at the Aug. 24 orientation include (front row) Sandrine Dincki (Communication and Media), Ping Su (Business), Heather Morrison (History), Larry Carr (English), Penny Freel (English), Andrea Varga (Theatre Arts), Themina Kader (Art Education), Rena Leinberger (Art), Stuart Henley (Art), (middle row) Joan Hollister (Business), Laura Phillips (Klar) (Art History), Judith Halaz (Sociology), Andrew Higgins (English), Jonathan Rust (Psychology), Jane Sileo (Educational Studies), Terry Murray (Educational Studies), Kim Schwartzhoff (Art Education), (back row) Kenneth Nystrom (Anthropology), Michael Vargas (History), Salvatore Engle-DiMauro (Geography), Karanja Carroll (Black Studies), Alexander Bartholomew (Geology), Stephen Kitsakos (Theatre). New faculty not pictured are: Andrea Abramovich (Communication Disorders), Inge Anema (Communication Disorders), Robert Dillon (Educational Administration), Morgan Gwenwald (Library), Aaron Haselton (Biology), Min Ju (Psychology), Pierre Lacour (Economics), Mercedes Rooney (Foreign Languages) and Colleen Lougen (Library).

August 28, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 16

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