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Admissions Office hosts dedicated staff

Admissions Staff
Front row (l-r): Kimberly Strano, Estrella Buelvas (MRP, Freshman Advisor), Mary Beth Barna (Transfer Advisor); middle row (l-r):Shana Cice (Recruitment Coordinator), Luz Mojica (Keyboard Specialist), Dana Rinschler (Freshman Advisor); back row (l-r): Connie DePuy (Receptionist), Lauren Basciani (Keyboard Specialist), Nancy Koper (Keyboard Specialist), Colin Wiggins (Freshman Advisor), Lisa Jones (Director, Transfer Advising) and Mike Salerno (Transfer Advisor). Missing from photo: Phyllis Beatty (Keyboard Specialist). Photo by Kristin Charles

It is the responsibility of the Admissions staff to select the new members of the New Paltz community.

Richard Bodenschatz, assistant to the vice president of enrollment management, said the staff must understand the vision and mission of the college and be willing to go the extra mile to help out the incoming freshmen, transfers and international students. Staff members include seven professional staff and eight support staff. They often work beyond normal office hours and on weekends to make sure paperwork is filed on time, to provide campus tours or work with student ambassadors and orientation staff.

Staff members work with other departments such as Public Affairs and Publications to access prospective students.

L. David Eaton, vice president of enrollment management, said that as the college has become more selective with its admissions standards, it is more attractive to applicants. According to Eaton, there are approximately 17,000 applications that come through the office in the fall and spring semesters combined.

When admissions advisors are not in the office going over applications, they are on the road to attend local and regional college fairs and visit local schools and community colleges. A part-time staff of retired guidance counselors work as recruiters in Central New York state, New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

“Everyone goes beyond the norm,” said Bodenschatz. “This is an absolutely dedicated staff.”

Mary Beth Barna, a December 2005 graduate of New Paltz and former student ambassador, now works at the college as a transfer advisor. When she’s not on the road, she said she reads applications and gets to know prospective students by the courses they’ve taken and what their interests are. She added that advisors are in “constant correspondence” with applicants and they take good notes to make sure each prospective student becomes more than just a name on a folder.

“It’s been a wonderful learning experience for me,” Barna said. “The staff here is great to work with.”

Bodenschatz said that the best method of recruitment has been word-of-mouth and that is influenced by the quality of the educational experience offered, in which all college departments play a role.

“We need to pay attention to what we are saying (about the college) beyond the borders of New Paltz,” said Bodenschatz. “It’s important to make sure that everyone – the more than 8,000 students and the approximately 1,600 employees – feels a part of the institution. We are always willing and open to provide guidance, expertise and support to the offices on campus.”

JULY 3, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 13

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