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Summer brings flurry of renovation work

The windows in Bouton (pictured), Bliss and Scudder halls are being removed and replaced with thermopane windows. Photo by Danny Wild.

An unprecedented number of construction projects – $7 million worth – are under way on campus this summer, according to Facilities Management.

John Shupe (Asst. V.P., Facilities Management) is pleased with the progress and the quality of the work being done.

“We truly believe that the only way to do things is the right way,” Shupe said. “We want to leave SUNY New Paltz a better place.”

With residential students gone for the summer, renovation and upgrading work on six dormitories is at the top of the list. The interiors of Gage, Bevier and Deyo halls are undergoing asbestos abatement, installation of new floors and flooring, new lighting and painting. The windows in Bouton, Bliss and Scudder halls are being replaced with thermopane windows and that process includes asbestos abatement. Bevier, Capen and LeFevre halls will receive new roofs. The entry doors to the Hasbrouck Complex halls are being replaced.

The south porch on the former Grimm House building is being rebuilt into a code compliant office that John McEnrue, (Director, Design and Construction) says will be “an aesthetically pleasing and modern office.”

The consolidation of all Human Resources offices to the second floor of the Haggerty Administration Building has begun. As part of the project, the Payroll office will be relocated from the second to the third floor. Both departments are housed in the South Classroom Building until the project’s fall completion date.

The basement entrance of the Haggerty Administration Building (near the mailroom) will be made handicapped accessible and this fall it will serve as the main basement entrance; the door on the right (closest to Bouton Hall) will be locked as an energy conservation method.

The grounds near the former Elting Gymnasium entrance, now an emergency exit, are being converted into green space with a new sidewalk scheduled for installation next year.

The tile on the lower level floor of Elting Gymnasium is being removed and replaced with the beige and blue tile that is on the floor of the Athletic and Wellness Center. The walls and ceilings will also be painted to match the design in the new building.

The last of three high-temperature hot-water generators, or boilers, on campus is being rebuilt. In addition, the campus’ heating plant will get a new emergency generator to provide backup lighting and heating. Shupe said this work will make class cancellations less likely during power-related emergencies. He also said that the college is working with the local emergency management committee and it has been determined that the new athletic center will serve as the area’s primary emergency shelter.

“We definitely want to support our community,” Shupe said. “They need us.”

Asphalt and painting work on campus crosswalks and in a few parking lots is also taking place.

The renovation of the Student Union Building food service areas is underway with work on Phase II of the project taking place. While the renovation is a Campus Auxiliary Services project, Garry Nack (Facilities Management) is serving as the liaison between CAS and Facilities Management to ensure campus standards are being met.

JUNE 19, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 12

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