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Public Affairs staff grows to assist with campus communication efforts

Public Affairs
The Public Affairs staff is (l-r) Lyudmila Christie, Vicki Peters, Kristin Charles, Rachel Reuben and Eric Gullickson. Photo by Jessica Green

The Office of Public Affairs recently expanded its staff from three full-time employees to five to promote events and facilitate communication throughout the campus community.

In January 2006, Kristin Charles (Writer/Editor) and Lyudmila Christie (Web Production Assistant) joined Eric Gullickson (Director of Media Relations), Rachel Reuben (Director of Web Communication and Strategic Projects) and Vicki Peters (Secretary).

With new staff, Gullickson and Reuben have built upon their roles to focus on largescale communication projects.

Charles uses her skills as a former journalist to write and photograph various events, allowing Gullickson, also a former journalist, to work on strategic planning, issues management and crisis communication.

Christie's technical background in creating multimedia and Web design-related projects for local organizations prepared her for the job of updating the college's Web site ( and the more than 10,000 pages connected with it. Reuben now focuses her attention on the development of such projects as “npbloggers” and “Faces of New Paltz,” as well as serving as communication director for the conversion to Banner, a new student record system, and team lead for the new

Additionally, she serves as director of the Welcome Center, the purpose of which Reuben said is connected with "how we present the college to the public."

"Adding these new staff members really benefits the whole campus," said Gullickson.

APRIL 10, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 7

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