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Joint research projects funded

This semester, 12 New Paltz students have been awarded Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience (AYURE) funding for research or creative activity projects to be carried out with a faculty member.

The students will present the results of their research at the
college’s Student Research Symposium on April 27.

Jeremiah Brown ’09 (Art) and Jill Parisi (Art) are working on a project titled “Innovative Digital Printing”; Bradley Diuguid ’07(Theatre) and Frank Trezza (Theatre), “Realizing King Lear: The Dramaturgical Process in Action”; Meghan Garry ’07 (Anthropology) and Victor de Munck (Anthropology), “Describing Cultural Models of Courtship in America”; Emily Hallock (Political Science) and Jeff Miller (Honors Program), “The Theoretical Viability of John Stuart Mill’s Arguments for Individual Liberty”; Jessica Maxwell ’08 (Theatre) and Anita Gonzalez (Theatre), “The Anarcha Project: Theatrical Process and Product”; Regina Musicaro ’07 (Psychology) and Alison Nash (Psychology), “The Influence of Stereotype Threat on Spatial Navigation in Women”; Darren Ceckanowicz ’07 (Chemistry) and Pamela St. John (Chemistry), “Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Silicon Surfaces”; Elaina Chan ’09 (Chemistry) and Daniel Cohen ’08 (Chemistry) are working with Preeti Dhar (Chemistry), “Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of skeletally modified a-pinene derivatives”; Robin Thottungal ’10 (Mathematics) and Diego Dominici (Mathematics), “Fast Fourier Transform Analysis of the Logistic Map”; Nicole Vitillo ’07 (Biology) and Jennifer Waldo (Biology), “Characterization of the HUG1 protein”; and Stacie Walker ’07 (Psychology) and Maryalice Citera (Psychology), “Examining Gender Differences in Communication on Internet Blogs.”

For more information on the AYURE program, visit their Web site.

International students venture out

The Institute for International Business (IIB) students moved to New York City on March 16 after completing coursework at New Paltz. This semester’s 10 participants come from Australia, Mexico and Sweden. Maria Corral, Nadja Dontsova, Carolina Doeantes, Cristian Fraga, Susana Gallegos, Vivian Hernandez, Mathew Hilton, Ana Limon, Monica Perez and Begona Sieirohave have begun internships in the fields of communications, marketing, fashion/public relations, event planning, sports management and promotions at companies such as MTV Logo, Columbia Pictures – SONY, United States Tennis Association and Benetton USA.

March 26 , 2007
Volume 5, Issue 6

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