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Mary Furey ’07g (Nursing) was awarded the McGee Faculty
Scholarship for Graduate Nursing Education. The full-tuitionplus-
stipend state scholarship is earmarked for future nursing
faculty and is managed by the New York State Higher
Education Services Corporation. In this round, only six scholarships
were awarded statewide.

Chris Whitaker joined the staff in the School of Education on
Feb. 8 as an information associate. Whitaker served previously
on campus as an EOP advisor and as the Disability Counselor
for the Disability Resource Center. He earned his Master of
Science in Education at Fordham University and worked as a
college counselor at Baruch College and Pace University
before coming to New Paltz.

The functions of Records and Registration have been divided
between Debra Miller, registrar, and Bernadette Morris, who
has been promoted from associate registrar to college recorder.
The modification comes as a result of the department’s upgrade
to the Banner student records and student services software.
The registrar's area will continue to be responsible for services
related to course registration, academic calendars and class
scheduling. Meanwhile, the college recorder will coordinate the
degree audit system, academic records and degree clearances.


Anne Galperin (Graphic Design) presented a paper, "Literacy
by Design: Medium, Message and Meaning," at the Hawaii
International Conference on Arts and Humanities, January 2007.


Hon Ho (Biology), Chong Hong of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., and Donald Erwin of the University of California-Riverside published a paper, "Phytophthora Inundata Isolated from Diseased Alfalfa Roots in Southern California," in the fall 2006 issue of Mycotaxon.


Larry Carr (English/Creative Writing) had a poem, "Directions," in the literary anthology, "Out of Line, In Search of Peace and Justice," published in January.

Brian Obach (Sociology) published his article titled
"Theoretical Interpretations of the Growth in Organic
Agriculture: Agricultural Modernization or Organic Treadmill?"
in Society and Natural Resources.

L.H. Roper (History) edited a book, "Constructing Early Modern Empires: Proprietary Ventures in the Atlantic World, 1500-1750," with Bertrand van Ruymbeke of the University of Paris-St Denis. The volume is the latest in a series on the Atlantic World: Europe, Africa and the Americas, 1500-1800. It features 14 essays that analyze and compare colonization from Africa to Brazil to Canada.

Margaret Wade-Lewis (Black Studies) published the lead article, "I Remember Rosa Parks: The Impact of Segregation," in the special Winter 2006 issue of "The Black Scholar."


February 26, 2007
Volume 5, Issue 4

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