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Pre-Music Therapy Track

The Department of Music offers a pre-music therapy track, which can be completed in three years. Students choosing this option will work closely with a Music Therapy faculty advisor to insure that they are taking courses prerequisite to the M.S. in Music Therapy degree. Competencies in piano, voice, guitar, sight singing and sight reading are developed, as well as increased proficiency on the student's major instrument. Courses in Introduction to Music Therapy and Music Therapy Methods & Materials introduce the student to the field of music therapy. The capstone course, Music Therapy Practicum, provides a supervised hands-on experience in a local agency.

Students interested in pursing music therapy as a career can complete both the B.S. and M.S. degrees within a five-year timeframe.


Core Courses (30 credits, required for all Music Majors)

MUS141-MUS145 or MUS162 Participation in Music Ensemble (6 semesters or every semester in attendance for transfer students)
MUS150 Concert Series Attendance (6 semesters or every semester in attendance for transfer students)
MUS201 Piano 1
MUS202 Piano 2
MUS301 Piano 3 or MUS302 Piano 3-Jazz
MUS231 Sight Singing & Ear Training 1
MUS232 Sight Singing & Ear Training 2
MUS203 Theory 1
MUS204 Theory 2
MUS220-MUS227 Applied Music Classical
MUS270-MUS277 Applied Music Jazz (2 semesters)
MUS331 Music to 1750
MUS333 Music since 1750

Requirements for B.S. in Contemporary Music Studies, pre-music therapy track(20 credits)

MUS303 Theory 3 or MUS310 Jazz Theory 1
MUS420-MUS427 Applied Music Classical (2 semesters)
MUS470-MUS477 Applied Music Jazz (2 semesters)
Choose two of the following courses (6 credits):
MUS303 Theory 3 or MUS310 Jazz Theory 1
MUS311 Jazz Theory 2
MUS312 Jazz Instrumentation & Arranging
MUS320 Keyboard Harmony
MUS350 Computer & Electronic Music
MUS364 Form & Analysis
MUS365 Instrumentation
Capstone Sequence (5 credits):
MUS345 Psychology of Music
MUS480 Music Therapy Practicum

Electives in Music, pre-music therapy track (10 credits by advisement)

Select from:
MUS240 Introduction to Music Therapy
MUS340 Music Therapy Methods & Materials
MUS217 Guitar 1
MUS218 Guitar 2
MUS205 Class Voice
MUS346 Conducting