Time Travelers: Hudson Valley Artists 2018

Curated by Anastasia James

June 16 – November 11, 2018
Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery and North Gallery


Physicists have discussed the possibility of closed curves that form closed loops in spacetime, allowing objects to return to their past. Philosophers have argued that relativity implies eternalism, the idea that the past and the future exist in a real sense, not only as changes that occurred or will occur to the present. In fiction, time travel is often used as a tool for changing or altering the standard chronological sequence and relies heavily on the human desire to experience a time other than our own. 

Time travel: (noun) the concept of movement between certain points in time without the need for the time-travelling body to experience the intervening period in the usual sense, often facilitated by spirits, sleep, or a time-machine.

Time Travelers, the 2018 edition of The Dorsky’s Hudson Valley Artists series, presents work that engages with the concept of time travel and embraces the slippery notions of time. Time Travelers recognizes the universal human desire to experience a time other than our own and aims to act as a location for explorations of, or challenges to, the standard chronological sequence.

CALL TO ARTISTS: For Time Travelers, artists are encouraged to submit work that engages with the concept of time travel and embraces the slippery notions of time. We offer the following prompts: alternate histories, living-history, history as source, movement between points in time, immutable timelines, mutable timelines, many-worlds, time-capsules, time machines, telepathy, presentism, forgiveness, retribution, wormholes, the future, linearity, progression, warp, warnings, relativity, eternalism, motion, geometry, fantasy, the grandfather paradox, optimism, memory, obsolete techniques, revisionism, futurism, Afrofuturism, the imagining of different worlds, Herland, speculative fiction, urban legends, retrogression.Curator Anastasia James is Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art.

Online submissions accepted via Submittable beginning Thursday, February 1

Artists submissions must be made online only through the following website: https://dorskymuseum.submittable.com/submit/102200/time-travelers

Deadline for online submissions: Monday, March 19, 2018, midnight.


The Hudson Valley Artists annual exhibition is open to all emerging and mid-career artists with a permanent mailing address and active art practice in Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester Counties who have not had a major one-person museum exhibition and who do not have an exclusive contract with a commercial gallery. Students are not eligible. There is no application fee.

Artists are invited to submit a maximum of six images or files of work created in 2012 or later. Artworks created in traditional media as well as audio, video, film, and performance are welcome. Brief proposals for new works (including installation or performance) to be created for this exhibition may also be submitted.

Artists participating in the exhibition will be responsible for the delivery of selected works to the museum; works must be ready to install upon delivery. Installation of proposed new works will be discussed upon acceptance. Artists will also be responsible for the pick-up of work at the end of the exhibition.

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