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April 2008: Siamo Qui / We Are Here
Symposium and Exhibition in Florence, Italy

The presentation given by the New Paltz graduate students:

“What is a pin?
Our installation examines the definition of a pin, taking both micro and macro critical positions.

It is about the pin, about jewelry, about spectacle, about context, about audience.

Like all jewelry, the function the pin is social, critical, authoritative, practical, decorative, institutional, empirical, utilitarian, and cultural.

Our installation is an investigation in material culture.
We adopted a cooperative sense of authorship in the sourcing, collecting, and making.

It exemplifies pervasive behaviors – the behaviors of consumer, popular, vernacular, and patriotic culture.

It is celebratory, critical, and real.

It is our belief that we cannot look into the future of jewelry without understanding its entire context.
The pin is a representation of jewelry in its most basic form.
Pin is both action and object.

A pin pierces a shirt,
A finger pierces a ring,
An earring pierces an ear,
A head pierces a necklace.

Jewelry is dependent on a user.

This is a symbiotic relationship between object and wearer.
This is a political space.

We are the State University of New York at New Paltz. We are from Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, Seoul, Toronto, and Istanbul; from the south, the Midwest, the east coast, the northeast of America, from Korea, Canada, and Turkey.
Our pins came from many places. They are personal- from our families and our communities, and they are quotidian- from corporations and retailers inside and outside of our field.
Although undeniably American, it is universal and familiar.

The installation images jewelry rather than being it, seeking to create a critical distance.

Our collaborative display of the pins presents both intuitive and conceptual responses, echoing the diverse nature of our individual creative practices.
It is a study, a comparison, a landscape, a drawing, it is chaotic, it is organized, it is a document of growth, collection and mass.
It is here.”


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