Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor

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List I: Medieval
ARH363 Early Medieval Art
ARH364 Later Medieval Art: Gothic
ENG404 Medieval Literature
HIS207 Medieval Europe
HIS313 Medieval Women
HIS346 Black Death
POL220 Classical and Medieval Political Theory

List II: Early Modern
ARH361 Art of the Renaissance in Italy
ARH362 Northern European Painting
ARH383 Baroque and Rococo Art
ARH390 Italian Renaissance Painting
ARH391 Baroque Painting
ARH440 Italian Art of the 16th Century
ARH442 Eighteenth-Century Arts
BLK231 Development of Afro-Latin Am. Civ.
BLK301 Survey of Pre-Colonial Africa
BLK311 Blacks in the Caribbean
BLK450 The Portuguese in Africa
ENG405 Elizabethan Literature
ENG406 Shakespeare I
ENG407 Shakespeare II
ENG408 Seventeenth-Century Literature
ENG413 Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG414 Rise of the Novel
FRN413 French Classical Drama
ITA331 Italian Literature in English I
SPA468 Golden Age Literature: Prose
SPA469 Golden Age Lit.: Drama and Poetry
HIS305 Women in Early Modern England
HIS321 Colonial America
HIS322 American Revolution
HIS349 Renaissance-Reformation
HIS350 Early Modern Europe
HIS357 Tudor-Stuart Britain and Ireland
HIS470 Age of Discovery
PHI312 Modern Philosophy
POL323 Modern Political Theory