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Department of Mathematics

Undergraduate Programs

The mathematics curriculum is specifically structured to enable students to establish a firm academic base in mathematical principles and theoretical foundations before proceeding to more advanced courses.

The major in mathematics provides a strong undergraduate background for graduate or industrial work in any area of mathematics. The program offers a number of choices of electives to enable students to pursue several areas of interest. A minor in mathematics gives a foundation in the practical and theoretical tools of the subject.

In conjunction with the Department of Elementary Education, this department offers a concentration in Mathematics Elementary Education.

In conjunction with the Department of Secondary Education, we have a major in Mathematics for Adolescence Education. This major is available to students enrolled in the secondary education program.

In addition to the courses for its own majors, the Department of Mathematics offers a number of service courses tailored to the special needs of students in other programs. These include Elementary and Secondary Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Business and General Education. See those listings for specific curricula.

No course (including a transfer course) in which a pass/fail or a grade of less than "C-" is received may be used to meet a prerequisite or to satisfy requirements in any major offered by the Department of Mathematics.


Students wishing to declare one of the above four majors must meet the requirements to declare.