Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics

Programs > Undergraduate > Major in Mathematics

Mathematics core (36)

MAT251 Calculus I (4)
MAT252 Calculus II (4)
MAT353 Calculus III (4)

MAT260 Intro to Proof I (3)
MAT303 Foundations of Analysis (3)
MAT304 Foundations of Algebra (3)

MAT362 Linear Algebra (3)
MAT359 Ordinary Differential Equations (3)
MAT381 Probability and Statistics I (3)
MAT321 Intermediate Analysis I (3)
MAT364 Intro. to Abstract Algebra I (3)


Electives (9)

A total of 9 credits in mathematics or computer science courses at the 300 level or above. (See various recommended concentrations below.)


Cognate Courses (6-8 credits in addition to General Education requirements)

Of the five sequences listed below, Mathematics majors must take at least one of the Physics or Computer Science sequences, and must take two sequences overall.

PHY201 General Physics I (4) and PHY202 General Physics II (4),
CPS210 Computer Science I (4) and CPS310 Computer Science II (4),
BIO201 General Biology I (4) and BIO202 General Biology II (4),
CHE201 General Chemistry I (4) and CHE202 General Chemistry II (4),
GLG220 Physical Geology (4) and GLG301 Historical Geology (4),
ECO206 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) and ECO207 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

Almost any 3 upper division Mathematics or Computer Science courses may be used as electives for the Mathematics degree. However, we recommend that you consider one of the following three concentrations.

Concentration in Actuarial Science

For this concentration, the recommended courses are:

MAT382 Probability and Statistics II
MAT483 Actuarial Mathematics
BUS341 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance(has Business prerequisities).

See more information on the Actuarial Science concentration. It is highly recommended that if you are interested in actuarial science, you also obtain a Minor in Business.

Concentration in Computer Science

For this concentration, the recommended courses are:

CPS352 Object Oriented Programming
CPS410 Design and Analysis of Algorthms

PLUS any one of the following courses:

CPS325 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
CPS340 Operating Systems I
CPS341 Operating Systems II
CPS420 Langauages and Machines
CPS430 Compiler Construction
CPS440 Database Principles
CPS450 Design of Programming Languages
CPS353 Software Engineering
CPS455 Declarative Languages
CPS460 Computer Architecture
CPS370 Computer Communication Networks

Concentration in Pure Mathematics

For this concentration, we recommend the following courses:

MAT322 Intermediate Analysis II
MAT365 Intro. to Abstract Algebra II

PLUS any one of the following courses:

MAT310 Elementary Number Theory
MAT311 Introduction to Set Theory
MAT312 Introduction to Mathematics Logic
MAT331 Axiomatic Geometry
MAT332 Modern Geometry
MAT384 Calculus IV
MAT363 Combinatorics
MAT494 UG Research in Mathematics