Volunteer Opportunities & Committees

LLI encourages the active participation of its members. The following is an outline of the various LLI committees – we warmly welcome you to join us!       

  1. Classroom Assistants the primary function of the classroom assistant is to provide support to presenters.  This includes making announcements, assisting with copying materials keeping attendance, and addressing classroom needs such as handouts and equipment and administering course evaluations.
  2. Classroom Management - The classroom management committee procures space both at SUNY New Paltz and other local sites, assigns classrooms and ensures/provides needed equipment. Works with the registrar to check enrollments and make adjustments if needed.  Prior to first day of classes delivers needed equipment and then after classes has ended ensures pickup and storage of equipment.
  3. Catalog Committee - The catalog committee composes all course descriptions, days and time slots for catalog including all materials and supplies needed as well as bios of presenters.  The committee also proofreads and corrects the final catalog before printing.  Then forwards the catalog to printers for production.
  4. Curriculum Committee - The Curriculum Committee provides courses and schedules for a fall and spring term, as well as for mid-winter and summer session, if scheduled.  The Committee recruits presenters and helps them define their courses. Works closely with the catalog committee during its preparation phase.
  5. Events Committee – The Special Events Committee plans, arranges, and coordinates Special events, promotes the social interaction of members and assists with refreshments at events.
  6. Membership Committee – The Membership Committee develops and processes the membership application and creates and mails welcome packets, name badges and ID cards to new members.  The committee also sets up the welcome table for the first week of class to assist in orienting new members.  It also writes thank-you notes for donations.
  7. Newsletter - The Newsletter Committee develops and disseminates a newsletter about the organization's activities to the membership twice a year.
  8. Public Relations Committee – The Public Relations Committee disseminates information about LLI to the community at large.  This is done through press releases, notifications to local organizations, information sessions newsletters, and various venues, distribution of info flyers and pamphlets, manning a table at community events, etc.
  9. Volunteer Committee – The Volunteer Committee recruits and orients volunteers for all the activities needed by the organization.

For more information or to contact LLI about serving on a committee, please email lifetime@newpaltz.edu.