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Lifetime Learning Institute

Handicapped Access

Please note that on the campus map the following lots are closest to our LLI classes, most of which are held in the Humanities Building (HUM), and Lecture Center (LC). (Handicapped parking spots are marked with a green dot, and you can move your mouse over the map to zoom in).

  • Resnick Parking Lot #20 (near Resnick engineering building)
  • Wooster Parking Lot # 21 (beside Wooster building)
  • Mohonk Parking Lot #24 (near Humanities building)
  • Lecture Center Parking Lot #2 (behind Lecture Center)*
  • Terrace Parking Lot #4 (beside Terrace)
  • Library Parking Lot #3 (beside Library)
  • Elting Main Parking Lot #5,6,7 (near the gym)

It is important that you park in a lot that accepts your permit or you will be ticketed. All lots have signs stating what permits are allowed. Lots 20, 21, 22 and 24 are closest to our classes in the Humanities Building and the Lecture Center. Lots 3, 5, 6 and 7 are closest to classes in the Fine Arts Building. All lots have designated spaces for handicapped parking, the closest being available in lot 20 next to the Wooster Science Building on Mohonk Avenue. Parking lot 2 at the upper level behind the Faculty Tower also has 8 handicapped parking spots and an accessible elevator in the basement of Faculty Tower. (If you are on the Jazzman level in the lobby of Faculty Tower, facing the two elevators, it is the elevator on the left. Only that one goes down to the basement level of FT where the 8 handicapped parking spots are).

The handicapped spots are generally the ones nearest the doorways of the building. They are marked on the map. If you go to it, you can see them marked with a green dot.

As for bathrooms, there are none on the first floor of the Faculty Tower (FT), but there are bathrooms nearby on the first floor of HUM; and there are bathrooms at either end of the corridor in the Lecture Center hallway (at the back of the building).

Elevators: The elevator in the Faculty Tower is the main one to use since you can walk across on the first and second floors to the rooms in HUM. There is also an elevator in the Lecture Center that is accessed from the parking lot behind the lecture center (at the basement level), through the large black doors, or through the glass doors. Those doors can be used to come into the lecture center building, and the elevator in the center of the corridor will take you up to the concourse (C) level. From there, you can find your classrooms in the Lecture Center. You can also, on leaving the elevator on the concourse level, walk to the right and through the glass tunnel into the Humanities and Faculty Tower buildings.

*Note: During Fall 2010, the outdoor stairwells on either side of the Lecture Center are being replaced and are blocked off. This means that if you park in the lot behind the lecture center, you might want to enter the Lecture Center at the parking lot level and use the elevator there instead of trying to walk up the steps inside the Humanities building. (You would have to go up two double flights of steps to get to the first floor of HUM).