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Liberal Education Committee

Below are the latest documents for review prior to submitting to the faculty as a motion.

Powerpoint Presentation

Draft Proposal



Comparison Chart of SUNY BOT GEs, GEIII, and the Lib Ed proposal

The Liberal Education Committee

In April of 2012, the faculty voted to approve the recommendations of the Liberal Education Ad Hoc Committee. Subsequently, a new committee was formed, which composition was determined by faculty vote in September of 2012.  


  • Regularly engage all sectors of the campus community in discussion of the ratified liberal education philosophy, principles, and goals. Our plan calls for a shared liberal education philosophy.
  • Offer the community several scenarios for realizing Liberal Education and SUNY GE goals without adding to the current 39-42 credits of New Paltz GE III.  Make recommendations for the integration of SUNY GE goals within a four-year liberal education plan.
  • Work with Provost to secure appropriate faculty and administrative support and professional development to put new curricular proposals into place.** Discuss and appropriately consult to determine the specific needs of transfer students. Make a recommendation to the community about whether transfer students should follow a modified liberal education program. Make specific recommendations for such a modified plan.
  • Determine the objectives for skills at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, information literacy, and ethical reasoning. The Committee may wish to consult or adopt AAC & U rubrics already designed for these skills.
  • Determine a mechanism for affording all students multiple opportunities to practice these skills and for assuring that they can achieve them at advanced levels.
  • Identify or propose curricular structures for each of the Ad Hoc committee principles and curricular proposals.**
  • Determine which General Education goals the first-year seminar will meet.
  • Develop guidelines for and call for faculty proposals of STEM-enhanced courses.
  • Make a recommendation for ensuring that all students complete a capstone in accordance with the Liberal Ed proposal for capstone courses.

*Note that the Liberal Education committee has already outlined possible scenarios for the first-year seminar. See May 9 Resolutions.

**Proposals that will require particular support for faculty include:

  • Training faculty to implement an interdisciplinary and preferably co-taught first-year seminar.
  • The application of disciplinary learning to human or community needs

Meetings and Timeline

To get input from faculty, staff, and students across the campus about what we are doing, the Chair has met with a number of units and individuals over the Spring 2013 semester.   Town hall meetings will be held across campus to further discuss and refine the proposals on 9/10, 9/25, 10/2, 10/18 and 10/22.  The goal is to present the faculty with a series of thoroughly vetted proposals at the end of the Fall 2013 semester.


Your input is important throughout this process. Please send comments either to one of the co-chairs of the Liberal Education Committee, Megan Ferguson ( or Paul Kassel ( or to one of the other representatives.