Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program of rigorous academic work designed to give students a broad understanding of the people, history, politics, arts and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, with the broader goal of enhancing domestic and international career opportunities. Our program also promotes awareness of the relationships between Latin America and the United States and of the Latino community in the United States. Faculty from several departments teach courses focused on Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino topics. We offer courses in English, Spanish, and French, and encourage study abroad in Latin America, which include courses and internships in Ecuador and courses and service learning options in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. We sponsor and co-sponsor many academic, social and cultural events on campus every semester. Our close ties to the Department of Foreign Languages, other academic programs, and Latino and Caribbean student organizations are reflected in excellent attendance at our events.

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program is coordinated by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Committee, composed of faculty members in several disciplines who teach courses about Latin America and the Caribbean and provide academic advising to students who are majoring or minoring in the program. The Committee seeks to maintain high academic standards in the program by reviewing the progress of students and approving appropriate courses for credit towards students' programs.