Off-Campus Housing Information for International Students

International students who participate in exchange programs or who are admitted to the undergraduate program or the English as a Second Language program are guaranteed on-campus housing as long as they submit the Housing License by the deadline. We strongly encourage students to live on campus because of the affordable cost, convenience to classes and other campus services, and the access to the active residential community at New Paltz.

The College cannot offer on-campus accommodation to international graduate students.

The Center for International Programs cannot assist with off-campus housing, but we can make some suggestions. It is important to remember that if you do not have a car, you need to live within walking distance of the university, in the village of New Paltz. You have many different choices. You can live in one of the many apartment buildings in town or you can rent a room in a house.

Off-Campus Resources

University off-campus housing bulletin board

Local area online newspaper

Hudson Valley Craigslist

Apartment Complexes in New Paltz

Mulberry Square Apartments: 845-255-5047
Paltz Commons: 845-389-3321
Bella Terra Apartments: 845-256-1119
Southside Terrace Apartments: 845-255-7205
Three Prospect: 845-255-8721
Village Arms: 845-895-8122; 845-255-9102
Meadowbrook Farms: 845-255-5305
New Paltz Gardens: 845-255-6171
Windsor Court Apartments: 845-255-0890
Turtle Rock Apartments: 845-255-5400
Town & Country Condominiums: 845-255-3167
Pencil Hill Apartments: 845-532-4113

When signing a lease, students will be required to pay a deposit on the apartment in addition to the first month's rent. Sometimes the landlord will want the first month's rent, a security deposit, and the last month's rent. Be ready to pay a large amount of money up front when you move in, but realize that you will receive the security deposit back at the end of your lease if there is no damage done to your rented space. You will not have to pay the last month of rent if you are required to pay it up front.

Temporary Accommodation in New Paltz

If you need a temporary place to stay in New Paltz while you look for a place to live, you can contact:

New Paltz Hostel

America's Best Value Inn

Please remember that SUNY New Paltz has no affiliation to any of the hotels, apartments, or houses mentioned. This information is provided as a service to international students but is not a guarantee of availability.