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International Student Services

Pre-Arrival Forms



1. Student Health Report

All new international students MUST submit a Health Report to the Student Health Center. Please ask your doctor to fill in the form and mail directly the Student Health Center on campus.

2. Attendance Response Form

All new international students MUST fill out the attendance response form and email to international@newpaltz.edu

Spring 2018
Attendance Response Form - ESL and Undergraduate
Attendance Response Form - Graduate

3. Airport Pick-Up Form

If you would like to use our bus service from JFK to New Paltz during orientation, please fill in the the AIRPORT PICK-UP FORM and email to international@newpaltz.edu.

If you arrange your own transportation to New Paltz, please check travel to New Paltz for available transportation services.

Spring 2018:  Airport Pick-up Request Form

4. Residence Hall Form

ESL and undergraduate students may live on campus in the residence halls. If you want to live on campus, fill in the HOUSING LICENSE and email to international@newpaltz.edu. Please note that graduate students are not offered to live on campus.

Spring 2018:  Housing Licence

5. Off-Campus Housing Information

If you wish to live off campus, please see the list of off-campus housing options.

For more information, please consult your Spring 2018 Welcome Booklet

Welcome Booklet - Undergraduate and ESL 
Welcome Booklet - Graduate