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Smart Classroom Orientation and Assistance:

Instructional Media Services offers orientation and technical assistance in all Smart Classrooms across campus.  Personal one-on-one orientation sessions generally run about ten minutes and are held in your assigned classroom.  Faculty members who will be teaching in smart classrooms are encouraged to call the IMS office at x3630 to schedule a short session.  Sessions are held at the convenience of the faculty member and could be in any classroom at any time Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call us to schedule your orientation session!

In addition to orientation, most smart classrooms contain printed instructions which are located on the instructor's stations or mounted on an adjacent wall.  You may also view or print the instructions from the IMS web site. 

Visit for further information. 


Equipment Orders and Cancellations:

Please call our office to place an order. We need two working days' notice if you intend to use our equipment or services. Weekend requests require at least two weeks notice. Booking early will assure prompt delivery of your requested services. Last minute orders are difficult to fill. When you make an equipment order for the entire semester, we will deliver your request for every class. However, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE FINALS WEEK. If you need to use equipment for your final exam, please make a separate reservation. And if you cancel your class, call us to cancel your equipment!


Reservations from Faculty Only:

We only accept orders for classroom use of technology from faculty members or department office staff. We do not take reservations from students. Students who need to reserve equipment for class delivery will be instructed to ask their professor to order the equipment from IMS for the needed date, time and location. This is for the benefit of faculty, who may not want to be surprised by a delivery of equipment for which they had not planned.


Equipment Loans:

Instructional Media Services exists solely for faculty support. We do not loan equipment to students. We have a variety of equipment available: data projectors, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, portable sound systems, portable lecterns with sound systems, personal listening devices for the hearing impaired, document cameras, digital audio recorders, CD/cassette players, laser pointers, digital presenters and screens. These items must be picked up at the office in LC-2. Advance reservations are preferred.

Users must accept financial responsibility for the borrowed equipment. They must return it in good condition, or pay to repair or replace the equipment that was damaged, lost, or stolen while in their possession. Equipment is loaned for instructional purposes on the SUNY New Paltz campus only.


Computer Carts:

When classrooms do not contain installed technology, a mobile computer cart can be delivered to most rooms. With it, faculty members can project an image from the computer or from their laptop. These carts contain a cloned computer with network connection, monitor, document camera, and a data/video projector. They are available in Humanities and CSB. IMS has a very limited supply of computer carts, so reserve one early.


Laptop and Tablet Connection:

Professors may easily connect their personal laptop computer or tablet to our projection equipment in most technology-equipped classrooms, and on most computer carts, through the installed Extron boxes. Please contact IMS for more information on this connection. Our staff would be glad to assist you in the proper procedures, which will not interfere with the use of the room's computer.


TV/DVDs, Transparency Projectors:

Most traditional classrooms contain a TV/DVD or TV/DVD/VHS unit on a cart, an overhead transparency projector, and a screen. If equipment for your classroom is missing, please feel free to move one in from a nearby room. VHS equipment may not available in some locations. All videos should be purchased in DVD format.


Technical Troubles:

In case of classroom equipment malfunction, call New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.


Video Conferencing:

Instructional Media Services offers video conferencing facilities in Lecture Center-3A.  Take advantage of our convenient service for interviews, meetings, conferences, classes, or lectures. This two-way communication, using the Tandberg System, connects via IP.  Call Emily Trapp at x3634 for additional information. 

LC-3A may also be booked for group use of Skype or webinars


Student Clickers:

A student clicker response system can turn any classroom into an interactive learning lab.  It increases student participation and is an excellent way of gauging their understanding, spurring discussion, and soliciting opinions. 

Turning Technologies Response Card NXT clickers with TurningPoint software can be used in most any classroom that contains a computer and projector.  With advance reservation, our staff member will deliver the system to your classroom, and pick it up at the end of the class period.  Two complete systems are available, each with 75 clickers.  Visit Turning Technologies website for more information.


For reservations contact:

Instructional Media Services
Lecture Center 2