Instructional Media Services

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Place an Order

Order Requests for AudioVisual Equipment and Services

Please call our office at x3630 to place an order.  We need two working days notice if you intend to use our equipment or services.  Weekend requests require at least two weeks notice.  Booking early will assure prompt delivery of your requested services.  Last minute orders are difficult to accommodate and are not guaranteed.

When you make an equipment order for the entire semester, we will deliver your request to every class.  However, this does NOT include finals week.  If you need to use equipment for your final exam, or if your students plan final presentations, please make a separate reservation.

Depending on the location and circumstances, the following items may be delivered to your classroom:  mobile computer cart with data projector, document camera, audience response system, VHS player, various microphones or portable sound amplification, and more.  Technical assistance, classroom and event videotaping, Mediasite recording, videoconferencing, and a variety of other services may be requested, as well.

If you cancel your class, call us to cancel your equipment reservation!  Valuable equipment has been stolen out of unoccupied classrooms in the past.

We do not take reservations from students for classroom use of technology.  Students who need to reserve equipment for class delivery will be instructed to ask their professor to order the equipment from IMS for the needed date, time, and location.  This is for the benefit of faculty, who may not want to be surprised by a delivery of equipment for which they had not planned.

Items Available for Loan / Pick Up

Instructional Media Services exists solely for faculty support.  We do not loan equipment to students.  We have a variety of equipment available.  These items must be picked up at the office in LC-2.  Advance reservations are preferred.

  • data/video projectors
  • digital still cameras
  • digital video cameras
  • portable sound systems
  • portable lecterns with sound systems
  • personal listening devices for the hearing-impaired
  • digital document cameras
  • digital audio recorders
  • CD/cassette players
  • overhead transparency projectors
  • laser pointers
  • portable screens
  • slide projectors