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Van Den Berg Hall Annex

van den Berg Hall Annex

Computer Cart Instructions


To turn on the LCD projector:
Press the Power button on top of the projector.  It will slowly warm up and reach maximum brightness in about one minute.

To project an image:
On top of the projector, locate the button labeled Computer.  Press this button to toggle between sources. 
     For the computer, select Computer 1.
     For the document camera, select Computer 2.

To turn on the computer:
Press the Power button on the computer.  Log in with your New Paltz Computer User ID and password.  
DVDs may be played through the computer.

To turn on the document camera:
Press the Power button at the base of the document camera.  Zoom and focus controls are also located on the base.

To connect a laptop computer:
Connect your laptop to the 15-pin VGA cable, located on the top surface of the computer cart.  Then press the Power button at the base of the document camera.  Press the "int/ext" button on the base of the document camera once.  Laptop's image should be projected.  For assistance, call IMS at x3630.

To project a VHS videotape:
On top of the projector, select the Video button.  Insert VHS videotape into VHS/DVD player, press play button.


When finished,shut down the computer.

Turn off the power to the document camera or VHS/DVD player.

Press the Power button twice on the projector.  Wait for the fan to stop running before unplugging the computer cart.