Instructional Media Services

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Classrooms with Installed Technology

Instructions for all Smart Classrooms in van den Berg Hall
(except VH-113 and VH-221)

VH Smart Classroom

VH desk

 VH control

On the Control Box on the instructor’s station, press the Display ON button to turn on the Projector.

Turn on the power to the computer, document camera or laptop.

Select the image you want for projection. The button for the selected source will illuminate.

  • PC for computer projection
  • DOC CAM for document camera projection
  • LAPTOP for laptop projection
  • Auto Sync for problems with projection

If you are using the computer, log on with your New Paltz Computer User ID and password.

DVDs may be played through the computer.

If you are using a laptop, connect it to the provided 15-pin VGA cable and 1/8" audio cable. Mac users may need an adapter.

If your image is not projected correctly, try pressing the Auto Sync Button on the Control Box.

Volume is controlled by the Volume Knob.

Screen control is a toggle switch located on the wall near the board.

At the end of class, press the Display OFF button to turn off the projector. Never touch the ceiling-mounted LCD projector. It is alarmed!

Turn off the computer, document camera or laptop.

There are NO DVD/VHS players in VH classrooms. There are two TV/VHS Carts in the van den Berg building. If you need to use VHS in VH, feel free to move a cart from an adjoining room into your classroom. If necessary, contact IMS for more information.

IMS is eager to assist you in case of difficulties. We respond in person and immediately to calls for help whenever possible. Classroom Orientation and assistance is also available. Call IMS at x 3633 days, and evenings at x 3639. For COMPUTER PROBLEMS, call Academic Computing at x3816.